Anupama 7th January 2024 Written Episode 1159

Anupama 7th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 7th January 2024 begins Adhik advises Pakhi that anything she desires to ponder him, can think, however she can’t get him far from his girl. He says he can meet his little girl at whatever point he needs and says as of recently he was acting pleasantly, however not any longer, and takes steps to record mental provocation and torment case on him. Pakhi says do anything you desire, yet disappear from here. Adhik says now you will see how much a dad can go and requests that she pause and watch. Baa requests that Pakhi fix up with Adhik and says you will get your significant other back and Ishani will get her dad. Kavya says your dad had lost so much in light of his self image.

She asks her not to become like her Daddy. Dimpy inquires as to whether she didn’t believe Ishani should get her dad’s adoration. Pakhi says enough and requests that they see their own lives. She says she will see him in court. Baa says a major tempest have come.

Shruti lets Anupama know that she will accomplish the work. Anupama says she is doing this for her girl and tells that being a mother, she jumps at the chance to prepare the table. She says your girl help me to remember my girl. Shruti says you can let me know anything you desire and gets some information about her family in India. Anupama says my girl and her Daddy. All of a sudden Aadhya comes there and takes Shruti to meet her companions. She would rather not talk. Anuj picks the cake and says fortunately, he will arrive at home. Aadhya requests that Shruti send Joshi ben from that point. Shruti says she is helping me in serving and warming the food. Aadhya says I will help. Shruti tells that it is your party, and requests that she appreciate. After somebody, Shruti expresses gratitude toward Anupama for serving them so pleasantly and gives her envelope. Anupama thanks and takes her. Shruti says thanks to her and requests that Aadhya bring her bring gift back. Aadhya brings the return gift and says it is your bye gift. Shruti goes to call Anuj. Anupama inquires as to whether she could do without her. Aadhya thinks infact she can’t stand her.

Anuj’s vehicle stops on the way. He says I will get late, and begins strolling. Aadhya’s companions see Anupama’s video wherein she is moving in the recreation area and requests that Anupama dance. Shruti inquires as to whether you are traditional artist, I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Anupama says she will move later as she is getting late. The children demands. Anupama begins moving. Aadhya gets the glimmers of her life as a youngster and calls Anuj, however he is strolling out and about and attempting to get taxi. Anupama moves. Aadhya yells stop it and falls on Anupama. Anupama holds her and asks what was the deal? She requests that she take breath. Worker brings water. Anupama takes the glass and requests that she have it. Aadhya takes a gander at her, and says not a chance. She gets up and pushes Anupama and makes her tumble down. Shruti is stunned. Aadhya runs from that point. Shruti calls Anuj and says Aadhya got terrified assault and requests that he come quick.

Anuj leaves the bouquet and cake and runs from that point. Shruti closes the party and requests that the children go. She requests that Anupama go and says you are getting late, and says she will deal with her. Anupama asks what befell her abruptly. Shruti says I will tell you later. Anupama looks at the time and runs of house dreading Yashpal. Anuj is coming running there and Anupama is leaving. They pause and doesn’t see one another, because of the transport between them. Anuj gets inside the house, while Anupama leaves. Anuj holds Aadhya and says all will be well. Aadhya is crying. Anupama thinks it is late, no transport is here, and remembers to take taxi with the cash. She takes the taxi. She comes to the lodging and lets Vikram know that she is extremely late. She tells that she got late, then, at that point, didn’t get transport and took taxi which was trapped in rush hour gridlock.

Yashpal comes there and says you are late. He tells that individuals come to unfamiliar for work and to make their profession, however individuals like you come to rationalize. He says he had really buckled down for work and he dozed out and about hungry. He says whenever I get the little opportunity, I regarded it and furthermore the individual allowing me an opportunity. He expresses out loud whatever did you do and says you didn’t have visa and papers, however I confided in you, gave you work and gave spot to live. He says I let you go to Shruti’s home and cook food, yet you didn’t regard me. He says since morning, it is composed on the board that unique dish will be in the menu and asks where could the dish be? He says you realizes what is the consequence of being late, you have seen yourself. Vikram requests that he allow an opportunity to her. Different cooks likewise demands Yashpal to allow her an opportunity. Yashpal requests that they hush up. Anupama lets him know that Shruti’s girl had got terrified assault. He requests that she go there and remain and tells that she is terminated. He says he needs to make that exceptional recipe and says his cafĂ© needn’t bother with her. Anupama says where I will go Sir, kindly don’t fire me. Yashpal yells requesting that she leave.

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