Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Episode 1158

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 6th January 2024 begins Adhik embraces Ishani and says I’m sorry Baa. I saw Pakhi’s web-based entertainment and came to realize that she is here, and that is the reason I have come to see my girl. He says I called her multiple occasions, yet she didn’t answer my calls or messages. He says Pakhi was not content with me, however I have satisfied every one of her desires, she separated from me for a little issue, and says sorry I haven’t come to whine about her. He lets Ishani know that he missed her. Baa says Pakhi has done a serious mix-up by leaving him. Kavya tells that she has done a wrongdoing by isolating dad and girl. Baa requests that Adhik invest energy with his little girl. Shruti takes a gander at Anupama cooking abilities and calls Anuj. Anuj hears the foundation melody and asks who is tuning in? Shruti says Joshi ben, she has made such countless dishes in a less time. She says today you need to meet him. Anuj says he is coming and gets fretful.

Baa, Kavya and Dimpy see Adhik playing with Ishani. Kavya says not lady is casualty generally, and says even men are casualties now and again. Dimpy says there should be many dads who miss their youngsters. Kavya says the ones who are isolated from their spouses, isolates fathers from their kids just to get payback from them. She has sympathy for him. Pakhi comes there and agrees with Ishani to her position.

Aadhya comes ground floor and inquires as to whether the food is made. Shruti says food is astounding and requests that she proceed to check. Entryway ringer rings. Shruti goes to check the entryway ringer. Aadhya sees Anupama and figures Pops and Anupama can’t meet.

She sees Shruti conversing with the Workers and calls Anuj. Anuj says I will come in 10 mins. She asks him not to precede picking her coat from more clean. Anuj says then I will get late. Aadhya says alright. Anuj requests that she illuminate Shruti that he will be late.

Pakhi asks how challenge you to contact Ishani and requests that he get out. Adhik says I’m her dad and no more interesting. Pakhi says you will long to see her. Baa inquires as to why you are doing this, you are fouling up with Adhik moreover. Adhik argues infront of him, to allow him to meet Ishani once in a month. Pakhi requests that he leave else she will call Police. Adhik requests that she tune in as she pushes him.

Aadhya’s companions come there with the gifts. Melody plays ladkiyan… .Aadhya falls on Anupama who comes to the lobby. That’s what anuj tells in the event that I get late, ordinary Aadhya will yell at me. Pakhi pushes Adhik out and locks the entryway. Kavya asks have you gone distraught? Pakhi says I will ask you, for what reason did you let Ishani meet him. She says she has demolished Adhik and won’t stop, I will cause him to long for his entire life. Adhik cries remaining outside to meet his girl, and says you needed separation and I did what you requested that I do, why you are rebuffing me and for what?

Anupama makes proper acquaintance beta. Aadhya goes to her companions and says Pops and my Shru are getting hitched. She says he adores Shru without question. She says Shru isn’t her natural mother, however adores her to such an extent. She says not many women embrace the infants, yet couldn’t acknowledge them, however Shru don’t act to be mother, yet really cherishes me. Shruti asks what was the deal? Aadhya says simply saying. She says Shru possesses energy for pops and me generally. Anupama reviews Choti. Aadhya says for Shru, we are her need and embraces Shruti. Anupama applauds as others applaud.

Pakhi says you might have assumed control over the organization after Anuj leave. He requests that what do, as anuj offered his organization to another person. Pakhi says you ought to have followed through with something and says you have no fantasy or restraints. He says then likewise we were remaining together, however you would have rather not remained with me. Pakhi says you are a major failure, and I don’t maintain that my girl should become like washout. Kavya and Dimpy feel terrible for Adhik.

Anuj gets back home and says I’m back home love… .It ends up being Aadhya’s creative mind. Anupama requests that Workers serve the starters to the youngsters. Aadhya receives Anuj’s message that he will arrive at in 10 mins. Aadhya requests that Anuj bring Cheddar cake from far pastry kitchen. He says it is in inverse bearing. She says kindly get it. He says alright and inquires as to whether Joshi ben is still there. Aadhya requests that he come and see himself. She remembers to send Anupama, and sees Shruti halting her to make her meet Anuj. Anupama concurs. Aadhya is stunned.

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