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Anupama 8th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 8th January 2024 begins Anupama emerges from the café with her baggage streetcar. She considers being inside and partaking in the tea, and Yashpal’s words requesting that she leave. She thinks it is glass wall, however the world is different there and here, I was protected there, and I’m right here … .She cries. The woman monitor comes there and gives her water bottle. Anupama requests that she go else Sir will see. Vikram comes and gives her cash and furthermore his telephone, saying he will call her. Yashpal checks out at her from inside. Anupama says sorry and goes.

Anuj lets Shruti know that something significant had occurred and says in the event that anything happens to my little girl? Aadhya tells in rest, disappear Mummy. Anuj asks Shruti what had occurred? Shruti lets him know that when they force Joshi ben to move, she had an old style dance and Aadhya got fit of anxiety. She asks what had happened 5 years back. Anuj tells her that Aadhya had met with a mishap a long time back, which left a terrible stain on her heart. He says from that point forward she gets fits of anxiety, and says I left city figuring all will be well, to quiet her, however he was off-base. He says this fit of anxiety is the consequence of that mishap. Shruti asks what had occurred between Choti Anu, Anupama and Anuj, and gets out whatever had happened that made you leave 26 years of age love. Anuj reviews and every one of the things streaks infront of his eyes. Shruti gets out whatever had happened that Anuj’s greatest satisfaction turned into his greatest aggravation, and asks who is Anupama, and where could she be?

Anuj leaves the house. Anupama is strolling out and about. Anuj is additionally strolling out and about. He twists down and picks the bouquet and gift and provides for a young lady. Melody plays… .

Vanraj says how dare he, and asks how could they let him come inside the house and meet Ishani. Pakhi tells that they even upheld them. Baa comes there and tells that even she was there and tells that Pakhi isn’t a casualty, however Adhik is the person in question and she has tormented him. Pakhi says he had slapped me. Kavya says when we requested that you leave him, you shielded him. Dimpy says in the event that Adhik didn’t let Ishani to meet you then, at that point? Pakhi says on the off chance that you figure me as reprobate, I will take off from the house, and says I used to abandon in Delhi, atleast no one provoked me there. She says she would rather not stay here. Baa says OK we don’t believe you should remain here, and think us as your workers, and requests that she become a decent mother atleast, and says you don’t procure even 25 paise in your business why you are showing demeanor. She says Anupama used to keep you straight, since she left, everything is demolished. Vanraj yells and says Anupama Devi ji left for America and asks them not to take her name. He requests that Pakhi leave serenely and asks them not to allow Adhik to meet Ishani. He says in the wake of working in office the entire day, he needs harmony. Pakhi requests that Dimpy feed Ishani and make her rest. She says she really wants natural air and goes. Baa says she is her own adversary.

Anuj sits on the seat. Anupama comes infront of him out of nowhere. Anuj checks her out. Kavya converses with Mahi and requests that she have medication and eat food on time. She says she will come and meet her one week from now and says Mamma loves you. Vanraj says there is a party in my office and says unfamiliar representatives are likewise coming, so she will accompany him. He requests that she conceal her ominousness under herself. She says you needs strikingly gorgeous spouse. He requests that she keep bless her face. Kavya lets herself know that she is a, strikingly gorgeous spouse, Vanraj never needed a wife, he kept Anupama as Worker and you are here as prize. Sheb says neither Anupama nor you got the spouse’s freedoms, and requests that she grin. She cries.

Anuj gets up and embraces Anupama. He says you are here in US and says I was feeling fretfulness since few days. He says he has never felt this before since 5 years. Anupama says fate carried me to Choti and you. Anuj says I have looked through you all over the place and even went to your mom’s home, however you was not there. He says you had turned off the telephone. He says I requested that you focus on Choti and me, and you left me. Anupama says it was like passing for me. She says I have perceived that my relations were stuff for you, and our connection was troubled with it, I was unable to see you stressed and that is the reason passed on you to see you blissful. Anuj says you believed me should be cheerful and that is the reason left. He asks who told you, that I will be blissful. He says I have changed myself so much, and numerous young ladies need to meet me and go out on the town with me. He says I am glad to the point that you left me, and says I have come here 4 years back and opened ability the board organization. He says it is the best organization of this world and says I will wed a young lady Shruti, and says she is knowledgeable and loves us a great deal. He says she is occupied, yet gives us such a lot of time. He says you brought me bliss and I need to give you twofold satisfaction. He inquires as to whether she will come for his marriage. Anupama says I will come for satisfaction. Anuj separates and tells that he is distraught without her.

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