Anupama 23rd December 2023 Written Episode 1145

Anupama 23rd December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 23rd December 2023 episode begins with a man moving toward Anupama and inquiring as to whether she believes that modest lodgings should remain in for the evening.

Anupama withdraws herself from the discussion and says that she needs nothing from that man as it will require a lot of cash.

The man says that numerous Indians are remaining in his lodging and he can take her there without anyone else yet after Anupama denies it, the man continues to leave

Nonetheless, Anupama alters her perspective without a second to spare and lets the man know that she will go with him as she really wants a rooftop over her head for the evening.

The man says that it is only a 5-minute stroll after which Anupama begins to follow the course the man shows her.

Anupama enters a quiet back street and unexpectedly finds herself alone without the man being seen anyplace when out of nowhere two men show up before her.

The two white men request that Anupama offer her cash to them as they won’t hurt her however seeing Anupama oppose, they draw out a folding knife.

Anupama begins shouting in dread as the men grab away her sack and she neglects to hold it to herself.

The men take off with Anupama’s pack while she understands that she is left with nothing as the entirety of her cash and identification are inside her handbag.

Anupama separates into tears and attempts to open the bag which contains her jacket as snow begins to fall yet the lock doesn’t open which leaves Anupama miserable.

Anupama wonders why she needed to come to America when she was entirely fine in her own nation and she ought to have perceived the signs sent by God.

Another man drops by and sees Anupama’s gold chain however she begins shouting and rushes to the bustling road where she stands poverty stricken with her pack.

On recognizing a café with an Indian name, Anupama chooses to request help from that point the following day and continues to nod off at the edge of the steps.

The following morning, the Shah family is demonstrated to do a havan puja where Vanraj says that he just resides for his Samar’s child, Ansh.

Kavya feels miserable to lose her parenthood to be a spouse, Dimple acknowledges the enclosure on the off chance that her child is getting a well-rounded schooling and love, while Leela requests that God favor Vanraj and further develop their condition considerably more.

Hasmukh wishes that Anupama can live joyfully abroad while a man is found in America, coming on an extravagant cruiser to purchase an espresso.

The man ends up being Anuj and he converses with one of his clients referencing how he has been carrying on with work in America for the beyond 5 years.

Anuj feels his heart thumping strangely as Anupama is close however he doesn’t really think about that and leaves on his bicycle.

Meanwhile, Anupama awakens while Anuj helps an elderly person and tosses a dried leaf which arrives at Anupama.

In the wake of tucking herself appropriately, Anupama chooses to meet the proprietor of the eatery however the server requests that she leave the café premises and doesn’t give her water to drink.

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