Anupama 22nd December 2023 Written Episode 1144

Anupama 22nd December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 22nd December 2023 episode begins with Anupama arriving at the New York air terminal from her plane.

Anupama makes little strides as she gazes at the new individuals and new climate around her which gives the quintessence of a new and new beginning.

On seeing the large flag of “Welcome to the US of America”, Anupama expresses namaste to America and grins without anyone else to start her new excursion.

Manish accompanies his gear and asks Anupama what she is wanting to do in the wake of coming to America to which Anupama sees every one of the travelers meeting and leaving family and says that certain individuals are glad to come there while others are miserable to leave.

Anupama grins as Manish gets some information about America and says that she is a clear paper where her destiny will compose what she will confront.

Manish says that he wishes that Anupama would confront no bitterness in this new section after which he tends to Anupama as “Miss Joshi” which leaves her stunned.

Anupama declines Manish’s proposal to drop her at her objective and says that she will find her direction like she generally has done.

Subsequent to getting into the taxi, Anupama requests that the driver go to “Gujarat on a Plate” however the driver neglects to perceive the spot because of Anupama’s wrecked English.

She utilizes numerous strategies to cause the driver to comprehend that she needs to go to a café after which the driver at long last gets it and requests that she give him the location.

Anupama peruses out the location however neglects to cause the driver to comprehend after which he peruses the journal and perceives the spot they need to go.

As the taxi ride begins, Anupama calls Devika and tells her that she has landed securely and is headed to the eatery where she should begin working.

Devika asks Anupama not to be apprehensive as she would confront numerous new things there however she really wants to acquire insight from her most memorable time.

The taxi arrives at the area and the driver asks 35 bucks from Anupama for the ride which leaves her stunned.

Anupama says that it is an excess of cash for such a little ride to which the driver requests that she hand over the cash or probably he would call the police.

As the driver is going to dial the number, Anupama gives him the cash and promises to at absolutely no point ever sit in a taxi in the future.

Notwithstanding, the genuine stunner arrives at Anupama when she finds the café shut and a passing woman tells her that the eatery has been closed by the public authority.

Anupama begins terrifying with respect to how and where she will reside after which she has a go at calling Devika yet the call doesn’t get associated.

While trying to ask individuals to a great extent, Anupama feels depleted and sits on a seat while a man eyes her with some terrible rationale.

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