Anupama 24th December 2023 Written Episode 1146

Anupama 24th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 24th December 2023 episode begins with Anupama getting tossed out of the eatery by the server.

Anupama remains in the road and watches others eating, drinking, talking, and trading cash which causes her to feel awkward.

Pondering how she doesn’t have anything with her right now, Anupama gazes at a lady drinking water and spots her leaving the jug on the seat.

Anupama says thanks to God for assisting her with extinguishing her thirst after which she comes running toward the container yet it crashes on the ground in the wake of getting hit by a ball.

Anupama gazes at the vacant jug and attempts to drink a few drops from it however nothing comes out which leaves her miserable once more.

While strolling gradually around there, Anupama sees a cop conversing with two ladies and recalls Devika advising her that she wants to have her identification and visa with her constantly or, in all likelihood police can get her.

Anupama gets anxious as the cop comes toward her and requests that she show her ID.

Without lying about anything, Anupama lets the cop know that she has lost her cash, identification, journal, and different things as cheats grabbed it away last evening.

In any case, the cop requests that Anupama quit giving reasons and advises her that she wants to come to the police headquarters with her which leaves Anupama staggered.

Anupama attempts to oppose going with the cop yet the whole discussion ends up being Anupama’s creative mind.

In the mean time, Kavya tells Vanraj that Mahi’s wellbeing isn’t great and she will meet her at the inn to which Vanraj says that she can remain in any lodging she needs for the evening.

Kavya says that Mahi needs her dad to deal with her for once as Kavya can’t mislead her any longer with her developing age and ability to grasp things.

Vanraj says that Kavya ought to take Mahi to her genuine dad then as he isn’t her kid’s dad and has gotten his point across about the matter.

Kavya stands quiet as Vanraj reminds her about his condition to return to this house which was that Mahi can’t remain with them and isn’t a piece of the Shah family.

Vanraj asks Kavya not to show him tears and sincerely coerce him as just his folks and Ansh make a difference to him now.

Somewhere else, Ansh won’t lay down with Dimpy and says that she doesn’t adore him and that main Vanraj and Leela are the ones who care for him.

Dimpy cries without help from anyone else and lets Samar know that she has been abandoned with her own child not needing her after which she sees Teetu calling her.

Kavya gets some information about herself as Vanraj couldn’t care less about Dimpy at any rate and just loves Ansh.

Simultaneously, Anupama sees certain individuals moving by the road who invite her to perform and she shows her traditional moves.

Numerous passers-by give cash to Anupama for her dance which at long last carries some procuring to her and fulfills her.

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