Anupama 21st December 2023 Written Episode 1143

Anupama 21st December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 21st December 2023 episode begins with Anupama opening some of her window to gaze outside the room and the clamors of individuals hitting her ears.

Anupama feels overpowered by hearing such countless voices and shuts the window in a split second after which the recollections of the Shah family and Kapadias float into her brain.

With Anu’s voice reverberating to her and Anuj saying that he rushed a piece in wedding her, Anupama sinks to the floor and attempts to squeeze her head to stop the voices.

Anupama comes hurrying to Kanta’s image and knocks her head into it delicately when she hears Kanta requiring her.

On seeing Kanta remaining before her, Anupama embraces her mom firmly and asks her for what good reason she abandoned her in this world.

Kanta advises Anupama that she really wants to abandon the existence she is driving and utilize this third opportunity that life has accommodated her in America.

Anupama says that something will clearly turn out badly without a second to spare and she would rather not risk it yet Kanta says that Anupama shouldn’t fail to remember the fantasy due to possibilities.

Kanta’s words help Anupama and she opens the window again to feel the natural air hitting her face after which she begins planning to leave.

Anupama packs all the photographs she has so she can take the recollections with her to the unfamiliar land as everything can change, however family gives recollections that stay engraved until the end of time.

In the wake of pressing everything, Anupama lays down with her alert on so the following day, she prepares by the ideal opportunity for her flight.

The following day, Anupama opens the entryway with her gear and a plant in her grasp yet wavers a piece to take off from the house.

With boldness in her activities, Anupama ventures out forward and meets the kid who conveys things for herself and hands over the plant and cash to him.

The kid hopes everything would turn great for Anupama of karma as he tends to her as Miss Joshi after which Anupama gets into a taxi and calls Devika to illuminate her that she is leaving.

Devika asks Anupama to never lose trust as another life is hanging tight for her abroad after which Anupama acquires certainty and gets onto the flight.

Anupama enters the plane and recalls the scene when she overreacted and requested that the plane land as she needed to go to Anu.

As Anupama sits down, a woman named Jassi sits next to her and starts talking in a Punjabi complement about how she will visit her child as he has a child.

Anupama finds the safety belt defective because of which she gets moved up to the superior class where she meets Manish Goenka (from YRKKH).

Manish hopes everything works out for Anupama of karma in her new excursion ahead after which Anupama spots him watching Miss Joshi’s recordings which makes her heart load up with warmth.

With the plane showing up in New York, Anupama inhales gradually to begin another part without anyone else in her stopped life.

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