Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Episode 1142

Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama twentieth December 2023 episode begins with a jump of 5 years occurring and the setting changing to the city of Vadodara.

A kid comes to convey food and milk to a house and a restless lady opens the entryway marginally to get the things from him.

The kid says that Miss Joshi fills his heart with joy by making her chocolates consistently after which the lady provides him with the sack of lunchboxes for the old women late in life home.

Without showing her face, the lady locks the entryway while the kid leaves asking why Miss Joshi doesn’t show her face by any stretch of the imagination to other people.

Miss Joshi ends up being, in all honesty, Anupama who resides alone in the house with a restless psyche.

In the mean time, the Shah house has changed especially with the house getting remodeled into a more excellent one while Vanraj shows up with his tablet to examine office work.

Leela sits on her swing with her extraordinary grandson, Ansh, who is Dimpy’s little child while she keeps a watch on Dimpy who works in the kitchen.

Dimpy brings the tea while Leela begins giving her insults and doesn’t accept the cup as she overlooks Dimpy who remains before her.

Ansh races to Vanraj, letting him know that he would rather not go to class to which Vanraj says that Ansh ought to do anything he desires.

Dimpy says that Ansh doesn’t get his work done at all which is the reason his instructor has called his folks to the school.

Ansh charmingly lets Vanraj know that he gets things done however there was a piece left on the last day.

Hasmukh states that they ought to chasten Ansh a piece as he is getting naughtier with every day while Vanraj remarks that Ansh isn’t to be accused and he will go to the gathering as usual.

Vanraj advises Kavya and Dimpy to get ready well for the following day’s puja after which Hasmukh inquires as to whether they can call Anupama which leaves everybody quiet.

Leela says that they have had no relationship with Anupama for the beyond 5 years and they shouldn’t get some information about her when she couldn’t care less.

In the mean time, Anupama supposedly is the proprietor of a popular YouTube cooking channel and shows a conventional recipe from her desolate kitchen.

A thump on her entryway makes her anxious however she rapidly opens the entryway subsequent to hearing Devika’s voice from outside.

Devika comes inside and embraces Anupama after which she requests that Anupama quit residing in an enclosure and on second thought fly to America where she has Anupama a task in an eatery.

Anupama says that she is fine with the manner in which she lives while Devika says that Anupama’s reality has not finished after Anuj and her separation.

Kavya and Dimpy watch Leela and Vanraj revering Ansh when Dimpy requests that Kavya get back to her child from the lodging while Kavya requests that Dimpy get along with somebody, reminding her about Tapesh.

Devika says that Anupama will fly the following day as she will satisfy her fantasy about going to America however Anupama doesn’t appear to be certain.

Afterward, Devika enlightens Hasmukh concerning meeting Anupama and Hasmukh says that Anupama will certainly go to America as that spot has been requiring her for quite a long time.

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