Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Episode 1048 Update

Anupama 20th September 2023 Written Episode

The present Anupama 20th September 2023 episode begins with Anupama and Anuj discussing the manners in which they can cause Malti Devi to recall her past without harming her psychological state.

Anuj focuses outside the room and Anupama spots Malti Devi standing confounded outside while she walks forward and backward.

Anupama comes to Malti Devi and asks her what the issue is to which Malti Devi answers that she emerged from her room as she was feeling stodgy however presently she can’t find her room once more.

Grinning tenderly at Malti Devi, Anupama says that she will return her to her room yet Pakhi comes and says that she will lead Malti Devi, fulfilling Anupama.

Anuj sees Malti Devi gazing at him again with fixed eyes and attempts to stay away from the look however Malti Devi keeps on gazing at him until she passes by him and leaves.

There’s absolutely nothing that before Anupama can’t say, Anuj says that he understands everything Anupama would agree and says to her that he could do without Malti Devi gazing at him in the manner she does.

Anuj says that he feels awkward for reasons unknown however Anupama requests that Anuj leave those things and remain glad for that day as they are having his birthday celebration.

Anupama lets Anuj know that she will go to the halfway house and hand them over the gift from his end as he does consistently for which Anuj feels appreciative.

Anuj says that he feels much better at whatever point he follows through with something like that and figures that he could benefit those youngsters.

Getting a piece profound, Anuj lets Anupama know that he wishes that no youngster needed to live like a vagrant despite the fact that they have their endlessly guardians shouldn’t bring forth a kid on the off chance that they don’t want to raise them.

Anupama quiets down Anuj and prepares to leave for the ashram when she finds that child’s image lying on the bed and erroneously places it in her pack.

Pakhi makes Malti Devi lie in her bed and is going to leave when she asks Pakhi what those enrichments are for and Pakhi answers that they are observing Anuj’s birthday.

Simultaneously, Romil chances upon Adhik while working and advises him unfortunately Adhik attempts to impel Romil.

Romil says that he needs no show as a result of them and remains quiet when Pakhi comes there with Anu and splits the obligations among them.

In the interim, Leela says that she will move generously at Anuj’s party as she has not commended anything from here onward, indefinitely quite a while to which everybody concurs.

Vanraj and others discuss how nobody knows Anuj’s genuine birthday and how Anuj has turned his destiny by buckling down for his entire life.

Dimple looks pale as she comes ground floor and Leela insults her for continuously unwinding and dozing however Dimple doesn’t flip out.

Hasmukh cautions everybody that no show ought to happen as a result of them at the party when unexpectedly the lights gleam in the house.

Afterward, Anupama comes to the halfway house and welcomes the woman there saying that she has come to give the gift mind benefit of Anuj as he is a piece occupied.

While giving the check, the image of the child tumbles down and the woman asks Anupama how she has that image and even perceives Malti Devi.

Anupama asks that woman how she knows Malti Devi and where the child is right now, to which the woman says that Anupama knows the response herself and recounts the entire story.

Somewhere else, Anuj meets the Shah family and they start the party by messing around as Anuj demands the genuine party start after Anupama returns.

Malti Devi spots Anuj snickering and playing with others from a corner and feels wonderful.

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