Anupama 21st September 2023 Written Episode 1049 Update

Anupama 21st September 2023 Written Episode 1049

The present Anupama 21st September 2023 episode begins with everybody arranging Anuj’s birthday celebration and cooperating to coordinate it.

The ladies sit and root for their ideal accomplice and snicker as individually they escape the game due to the resoluteness of their hips.

Malti Devi favors seeing Anuj playing with others and gazes at him however conceals herself when Anuj glances toward her.

In the mean time, Anupama emerges from the workplace of the halfway house and stands before God saying thanks to them for showing her the genuine child of Malti Devi who is, as a matter of fact, Anuj.

A flashback shows the woman let Anupama know that the child in the image is, as a matter of fact, Anuj and Malti Devi left him in her consideration a long time back.

Anupama requests subtleties and the woman tells her that Malti Devi passed on Anuj to turn into an incredible artist and didn’t come once to mind him which shocks Anupama.

The woman says that she was the person who raised Anuj for quite a long time until he was embraced by the Kapadia family which shocks Anupama and she inquires as to whether the woman has any evidence of the relationship.

Gesturing with an indeed, the woman takes out papers and shows Anupama Anuj’s genuine birth testament and his birthday which was kept concealed as of not long ago.

Anupama sees the gift type of Malti Devi filled by her own hands and gets entranced to try and envision how everything worked out in their lives to associate themselves.

Back in the present, Anupama says thanks to God for rejoining Anuj with his mom on his birthday festivity day which is to a greater degree motivation to celebrate.

Happily, Anupama chooses to return home quickly and give the news to Anuj about him having his very own mother.

Simultaneously, Anuj dominates the match and notification Malti Devi remaining at the corner after which Malti Devi takes off from that point and comes to her room without a moment’s delay.

Anuj has a stodgy outlook on Malti Devi and Vanraj asks him what’s going on with him to which Anuj educates him regarding the odd inclination he has toward Malti Devi.

Vanraj gets some information about something negative like that and partake in the day to which Anuj concurs and the relatives consent to begin moving a little.

Romil puts on the music and the dance begins with Anuj being the star yet he keeps on agonizing over Anupama not arriving at home early and being late.

After the dance is finished, Pakhi lets everybody know that Anupama is coming and they can carry on the party when Anuj spots Anupama strolling toward him with Malti Devi.

Anupama stops before him and Anuj tells her that she has brought Malti Devi regardless of him saying that he doesn’t need that woman in his party.

In any case, Anupama says that a child’s birthday is deficient without a mother’s favoring which shocks everybody including Anuj.

Anupama gives him the image and lets him know that Malti Devi is his mom after which she makes sense of how she came to know reality with regards to Anuj and Malti Devi’s relationship from the halfway house.

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