Anupama 19th September 2023 Written Episode 1047 Update

Anupama 19th September 2023 Written Episode

The present Anupama 19th September 2023 episode begins with Anupama returning home and meeting Anuj in their space to enlighten him concerning what she has found.

The present Anupama 19th September 2023 episode begins with Anuj seeing the old document inside the cabinet and assuming that the record is the one that Anupama has brought from the Gurukul.

As Anuj is going to open the record and see the items, Anu comes there and Anuj gets occupied after which he holds back the document inside the pantry and gets going with his girl.

In the interim, Anupama shows Malti Devi her Ghungroo and shakes it to deliver the sound that carries back Malti Devi’s recollections with Anupama.

Malti Devi gazes at Anupama and calls out to her by her which fulfills Anupama yet Malti Devi begins crying as she understands how satanic she has been with Anupama this entire time.

Anupama attempts to comfort Malti Devi by embracing her which gets spotted by Anuj while he remains outside the room and he wishes that Malti Devi gets solid soon and leaves.

Anuj says that he has been feeling peculiar since Malti Devi showed up at their home in the wake of losing her memory.

In the interim, Kinjal accomplishes family work all the while with her office work when Leela comes to help however Kinjal asks her to avoid any work and guarantees her that she will oversee everything without anyone else.

Leela says that she can sit a tad as lying on the bed has caused her body to solidify yet Kinjal requests that she let go of the plate and take her stroll to the sanctuary.

Seeing Leela not paying attention to her, Kinjal says that she will call Anupama and grumble to her which at last losses Leela and she ventures back.

Hasmukh and Vanraj partake in the show from the house entrance entryway while Hasmukh says that the inversion of jobs is agreeable to observe.

Leela asks them what they are murmuring regarding to which Hasmukh answers that she ought to pay attention to Kinjal as she arranges her.

Dimple comes ground floor and says that she has made it lights-out time for Pari as she is crying while Leela insults Dimple for acting typical for once.

Kavya plans to head off to some place yet Leela says that Vanraj ought to accept her in the vehicle as riding the auto isn’t great for the pregnancy.

Simultaneously, the Kapadias have their feast sitting together and Anuj says that it is great that Malti Devi is recalling things gradually.

Barkha asks Anuj and Anupama for what valid reason they are thinking about a woman who attempted to obliterate them to which Anupama answers that all that boils down to fresh opportunities and Malti Devi likewise merits one.

Pakhi changes the point and discusses Anuj’s birthday celebration arranging which illuminates the strain a little.

Barkha proposes they lock Malti Devi during the birthday celebration as she can hurt herself or somebody others like the earlier evening.

Anupama finds a photograph of a child in the record a short time later and comes to Malti Devi to show who perceives that child as her child and cries on seeing the image.

Afterward, Anupama packs gifts for Anuj when he comes there to tell her that he has proactively seen the gifts the earlier day, driving Anupama mad.

Anupama and Anuj begin to chitchat with one another and Anupama requests that Anuj become a sculpture as he attempts to peruse her card.

In the wake of getting back the card, Anupama says that they are not playing sculpture after which Anuj pursues her and the two of them get a piece heartfelt with one another.

Be that as it may, Anuj’s eyes fall on something and he requests that Anupama see it by pointing with his eyes.

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