Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Episode 1112

Anupama 20th November 2023 Written Updates


The present Anupama 20th November 2023 episode begins with Anupama showing up at the Shah house in her vehicle and hurrying inside the house to beware of Leela and Hasmukh.

Anupama is left stunned as she enters the room and spots Leela and Hasmukh lying on the floor oblivious while holding each other’s hands.

Without squandering a second, Anupama races to them and hunkers down to check the condition when Hasmukh opens his eyes somewhat and cries frantically while Leela likewise recovers her detects.

In the interim, Anuj and Malti Devi attempt to mitigate Anu and persuade her to drink a little soup yet Anu says that she wants Anupama to accompany her.

Anuj says that Anupama will be back in some time and requests that Anu drink a touch of the soup however Anu says that Anupama has broke the commitment of being with her.

Malti Devi says that Anupama needn’t bother with to be the sitter for Leela as she is a grown-up and has her own relatives however Anuj says that the state of the Shah family isn’t great.

Nonetheless, Anuj is placed into profound idea as Malti Devi says that Anupama is keeping her feet into boats simultaneously which will annihilate the two closures.

Somewhere else, Anupama minds both Leela and Hasmukh while they cry and Leela lets Anupama know that she have zero control over herself and dirtied her garments.

Anupama assists Hasmukh with sitting on the seat after which she takes Leela to the washroom and puts on something else.

After Hasmukh and Leela settle a little, Anupama showers medication on Hasmukh’s curved foot and makes them chuckle by discussing various things.

Simultaneously, Malti Devi says that main Anuj needs to do everything while Anupama lacks the capacity to deal with Anu.

Pakhi comes and tells Malti Devi that she doesn’t have the right to exhort others on nurturing.

She adds that Malti Devi and Barkha just tattle and plans the entire day after which she requests that Barkha shut up as she merits no regard.

Malti Devi promises that she will toss out everybody pointless from Anuj’s life while Kavya and Dimple get back and feel regretful about not being there when Leela and Hasmukh need them.

Anupama sits by Leela and Hasmukh’s side for quite a while after which she leaves to be with Anu and Kavya-Dimpy comes to go with them all things considered.

Subsequent to returning, Anupama makes an honest effort to engage Anu by wearing veils and giving inflatables and prevails with regards to getting Anu’s pardoning as she had left abruptly.

Anupama checks the reports and finds everything fine while Romil likewise feels eased realizing that Anu is OK.

Romil educates Anupama concerning his cherished, lifelong memory when there was nobody to deal with him when he was wiped out for a really long time which makes Anupama close to home and she guarantees Romil that she is there with him.

Anupama imparts an embrace to Romil and Romil says that he will miss everybody particularly after he leaves, asking Anupama not to keep Malti Devi around as she will isolate her from Anuj.

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