Anupama 19th November 2023 Written Episode 1111

Anupama 19th November 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 19th November 2023 episode begins with Barkha enlightening Malti Devi regarding Anupama’s set of experiences of surging over to the Shahs at whatever point they require her.

Barkha says that Anupama couldn’t care less about others when she gets called by the Shahs and the Shahs likewise call her continually for various reasons.

Anuj hears Barkha and Malti Devi’s discussion and says that it isn’t great for them to look at another family like that as they have additionally carried out things that have harmed others however are as yet living great with them.

As Anuj makes reference to Malti Devi leaving him a long time back, Malti Devi gets quiet while Anu comes and says that she isn’t feeling good.

Anuj sees that Anu has a high fever which makes him stress and Anu begins requesting Anupama, creating problems for them as Anupama is at the Shah house.

In the mean time, Anupama contemplates everything simultaneously while she cooks in the kitchen and orders stuff for the Kapadia family alongside having a business call.

Anuj calls Anupama and enlightens her regarding Anu being wiped out with 103 levels of fever which leaves Anupama stunned and Hasmukh enters the kitchen at that point, requesting that she go to her little girl.

Anupama hurries to mind Anu while Hasmukh assumes control over cooking which Kavya sees and asks Hasmukh for what good reason he didn’t request that she make it happen.

Hasmukh says that he will deal with the cooking as Kavya feels sick with the onion’s smell which makes Kavya leave and he completes the work.

Somewhere else, Anu makes a quarrel and doesn’t take the medication when Anupama comes there and assists Anu with quieting down after which Anu gets persuaded to get inspected and take the medication as well.

Anuj sees Anupama’s focused on face and gets some information about Leela’s condition to which Anupama answers that there is no improvement in the circulatory strain condition.

Adhik says that Pakhi will go to the Shah house to deal with Hasmukh and Leela which appears to be smart yet Pakhi says that she would rather not do housework.

Anupama requests that Pakhi disappear if she would rather not go while Adhik says that it is her obligation to care for her family during circumstances such as the present.

Pakhi approaches the Shah house however doesn’t help in that frame of mind rather battles with Dimpy which causes Hasmukh to send her back to the Kapadia house.

Leela asks Hasmukh that she really wants to go to the washroom for which Hasmukh himself gives her a hand and supports her while they stroll to the restroom.

Be that as it may, Hasmukh’s foot slips and both he and Leela crash on the floor after which they frantically call for Kavya and Dimpy who have headed outside.

Anupama gets a call from Hasmukh who loses his faculties subsequent to requesting that she come there however Anu embraces Anupama from the behind and prevents her from leaving.

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