Anupama 19th December 2023 Written Episode 1141

Anupama 19th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 19th December 2023 episode begins with Anuj conceding that he believes that Anupama doesn’t concentrate on him and Anu as she does to the Shahs.

Anuj says that Anupama is never present with him and his family completely as her psyche meanders with her ex and their kids.

Anupama inquires as to whether he imagines that she inclines toward the Shahs more contrasted with him and her current family when Anuj says that Anupama additionally knows reality herself.

He adds that he comprehends that 26 years is definitely not a brief period that can be neglected with such ease yet he is finished with changing himself as per Anupama’s stuff.

Saying ‘sorry’ to Anupama for making her mom at that age as she never needed to assume on any extra liability, Anuj says that he ought to have really reconsidered doing things like this.

Anuj says that occasionally he believes that Anupama is remaining with him and Anu as it is a custom and she wouldn’t do it in any case.

Anupama stands stunned as she processes the things Anuj advises her while Ankush attempts to prevent Anuj from going on yet Anuj says that he isn’t finished at this point.

He specifies that he shouldn’t have hitched Anupama and given them and their relationship additional opportunity to see one another.

Seeing the result of the rush to wed, Anuj chuckles and lets Anupama know that he thought she embraced current circumstances and trusted that she would figure out how to define the boundary sometime.

Anupama inquires as to whether he believes that he has committed an error by wedding her to which Anuj says that he never said that Anupama actually can’t grasp his insight.

Anuj says that it is a little ridiculous that main he and Anu will conform to Anupama’s parted life while Anupama says that he ought to have told her when she was committing such an error.

Anupama says that she let Anuj know that they shouldn’t wed one another and reports that she has one thing to tell him.

Anuj remains in despair as Anupama says that a relationship that is being hauled, can’t work out any longer which is the reason it necessities to reach a conclusion.

She adds that she is prepared to get independent from Anuj assuming he finds it so challenging to live with her while Anuj says that Anupama failed to see what he was attempting to say by any means.

Anuj says that he never believes Anupama should leave him yet Anupama answers that their ways have isolated and she wants to leave for herself.

He begins giggling insanely as Anupama says that she is liberating him from her stuff after which he changes his elocution from “Anu” to “Anupama”.

Anupama says that they shouldn’t bear any resentment or culpability in their souls subsequent to getting isolated and will definitely meet in future assuming God wants for that.

Anuj doesn’t prevent Anupama from avoiding and Anupama strolls with regard to the house with tears in her eyes.

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