Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Episode 1046 Update

Anupama 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update

The present Anupama 18th September 2023 episode begins with Anupama becoming stressed over Anuj and choosing to maturely deal with the matter.

The present Anupama 18th September 2023 episode begins with Anupama attempting to search for anything more in the birth declaration papers when she sees the name of a halfway house.

Anupama contemplates the chance of Malti Devi leaving her child in a halfway house yet persuades herself not to ponder such bad things.

Subsequent to ascertaining the period of Malti Devi’s child, Anupama understands that the kid should be over 40 years at this point which is the reason it will be more challenging for her to track down him.

In the interim, Kinjal makes Leela drink her soup while Leela rationalizes not to eat more as she could do without the boring taste of the soup.

Toshu says that he will purchase bhajiya for Leela which satisfies her yet he simply messes around to perceive how Leela responds.

Vanraj lets Leela know that those slick food varieties and sweet things are like toxic substance for herself and she will quit devouring them completely.

Leela gets surly and says that she has consented to do the tests while Hasmukh answers that doing tests isn’t sufficient and that keeping a solid eating routine is similarly vital.

Toshu cautions Leela to act or probably he will call Anupama to which Leela says that she isn’t anxious about her however gets bashful when Vanraj says that Anupama will give her a talk of five pages.

Leela eats the soup discreetly while Kinjal says that they need to enlighten Anupama concerning the make a difference to which Vanraj says that he didn’t call her as she is occupied with Malti Devi’s matter.

Afterward, Anupama returns home and keeps the document inside the pantry after which her eyes fall on Anuj who rests while clutching a record.

Anuj awakens while Anupama removes the document and asks her where she went to which Anupama says that she went to the Gurukul to find anything connected with Malti Devi.

He feels frustrated about constraining Anupama however she says that she needs to know the whole truth and can’t see Anuj focused.

As Anuj inquires as to whether she found anything helpful from the Gurukul, Anupama says that she found the birth testament of Malti Devi’s child yet the papers are smeared with harm of time.

Anupama says that Malti Devi’s child will be as old as him after which Anuj acknowledges why Malti Devi was calling him her child.

Anuj says that they need to find Malti Devi’s child after which they examine Leela’s matter with Anuj saying that he will be there assuming Leela needs any clinical assistance.

The following day, Samar comes to Anupama with tears in his eyes and illuminates her that his closest companion Manoj passed on in a mishap which stuns her.

Anupama embraces Samar as he cries on her shoulder and he lets Anupama know that he is the sole acquiring individual in the family and his better half is additionally pregnant.

Samar says that he has perceived that a dad’s liabilities continue forever in a lifetime and chooses to put resources into protection for the future assuming anything happens to him.

Anupama admonishes Samar for expressing such skeptical things after which Samar feels much improved and chooses to leave.

She comes to Malti Devi with her puja thali and inquires as to whether she rested soundly after which Anupama shows her their image together which causes Malti Devi to recollect dim flashbacks of the past.

Malti Devi says that her head feels weighty at whatever point she attempts to think making Anupama stressed and she requests that Malti Devi unwind.

In the mean time, Anuj sees the document of the birth testament in the cabinet and takes it to see what it is.

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