Anupama 19th January 2024 Written Episode 1171

Anupama 19th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 19th January 2024 begins Titu asks Dimpy not to stress and says we will look through Ishani. Vanraj requests that he avoid his family and says Ishani should be some place here and will be found. Pakhi asks where could she be? Dimpy says I looked through her all over, however didn’t view as her. She lets Vanraj know that assuming Dimpy dealt with her along these lines. Titu says it is your obligation to deal with your little girl. Pakhi says Dimpy was dealing with every one of the children. Baa says first pursuit her. Ishani comes there with Adhik and says I’m here.

Beeji carries Anupama to her home for the lohri festivity. Anupama says it is exceptionally lovely and says it appears you have carried me to India, in American taxi. Beeji inquires as to whether you are missing India and says individuals could feel that I am making you cry. She acquaints her with the visitor. Anupama sees a woman having the paranda/hair extention and says she had attached it with her girl. Beeji requests that she attempt it.

Titu and Dimpy send the children from that point. Vanraj asks Adhik how challenge you to come here. Adhik says I came to the mohalla nursery and it is public spot and not shah garden. Vanraj requests that he avoid his little girl and says you knows well how I can help my girl. Adhik says I came to meet Ishani and not Pakhi, even you realize that a dad can do anything for his little girl. He says you used to come to my home to meet your girl. Vanraj asks her not to become legend. Adhik says I’m not becoming legend and asks him not to become miscreant. He expresses as per the court orders, I’m sending divorce provision to her consistently, and is permitted to meet Ishani once in a month, yet why you are not allowing me to meet my little girl.

Beeji ties paranda to Anupama’s hair. Anupama says celebration is celebration in the midst of the spot. Vanraj requests that he leave or on the other hand to have jaggery and chikki. Adhik says in the event that Mummy had done what you are doing? He gets out whatever Mummy couldn’t do, predetermination has done and tells that first it isolated Samar and afterward Toshu bhai. He says you show or not show, however you could miss them both, you could cry in shut restroom or halting your vehicle as an afterthought and cry. He says the thing that matters is that you cry alone for your children, and I weep for my little girl and argue infront of everybody. Pakhi says enough, you met Ishani and presently leave. He requests that she hold her abject.

Anupama strolls and hits somebody with paranda coincidentally. He asks her not to hit others with tracker. Anupama says I didn’t see you and says sorry. Beeji says yet I saw and chastens the person for not gathering her. He says Samosa would have cold. Beeji presents him as Deepu, her more youthful child. Anupama wishes him cheerful lohri.

Adhik tells that Pakhi needed rich spouse and when Anuj left from here selling his beginning and end, and she left me. He says I adored her, presently I need to pay her pay for cherishing her. He says it is his entitlement to meet Ishani and won’t argue now. He will reclaim his freedoms. Pakhi takes steps to record Police grievance against him. Titu says you can’t do this. Vanraj yells asking him not to meddle. Titu says you are fouling up with Adhik. Vanraj requests that Adhik leave. Adhik requests that he call Police and says on the off chance that you call Police, I will arrive at court. He says ready and waiting, so Pakhi like young ladies understand how a dad can help his girl. He goes.

Beeji tells Anupama that Deepu/Yashdeep isn’t like Yashpal. Deepu says he talks like Amitabh Bachchan, pride and eminence. Anupama takes off awful sight from them and tells that they helped her to remember her child Samar. Beeji says I discuss you in the house, yet Yashpal answers nothing, so she tells everything to Deepu. Deepu says he will be her manager for few days. Beeji says Yashpal has gone out for not many days. She says he doesn’t know cooking. Anupama says we are there for cooking. Deepu says he is feeling significantly better. Anupama thinks he is her new supervisor now.

Anuj is with the clients. The clients tell that they will visit the eatery Zest and Chutney to have food. Anuj sees the photograph and sees Anupama’s back and remembers to figure out stowing away from Aadhya. Aadhya feels terrible that she needs to mislead Anuj and wishes Anupama will leave or get extradited from here. Anupama requests that Beeji take the container and gifts her laddoos. Beeji cries and says you got all the Punjab here. She favors her. Anupama asks her not to cry. He tastes the laddoos and says wonderful, phenomenal. He asks from where you got it. Anupama says I have made it. Deepu says she is best cook than Bhaiyya. Anupama expresses gratitude toward Beeji. Deepu says it is incredible.

Kinjal asks Toshu how he can keep away from his own mom and asks how he will feel assuming that Heavenly messenger disregards him. She feels terrible and says Mummy probably felt so awful, and stresses for her. Anuj thinks about Aadhya’s words.

Beeji requests that Anupama dance as everybody is moving. Anupama begins moving on lohri tune. She envisions Anuj moving and hits the dance floor with him. She emerges from creative mind. Anuj takes a gander at Anupama’s photograph and says he attempted a great deal to fail to remember her, disdain her, yet couldn’t do it. He says I can’t loathe you, and attempted a ton and, surprisingly, left country, yet couldn’t fail to remember your recollections. He says I was unable to adore Shruti, however she cherishes me. He says Shruti is ideal for me, and says just a single name is written in my heart. He inquires as to for what reason did you leave choti and me.

Anupama composes Anuj’s name on the papers and consumes it, says be cheerful Kapadia ji. Shruti comes there and embraces Anuj. She inquires as to whether you are seeing GK’s photograph. She tells that she never adored anybody like this and she didn’t have protective affections for anybody like she feels for Aadhya. She says they will go out and says she will wear coat and come. He conceals Anupama’s photograph in the photograph outline.

Anupama contacts Beeji’s feet. Beeji requests that Yashdeep drop her. Anupama embraces Beeji and goes. Baa lets Pakhi know that what makes a difference assuming that Adhik meets Ishani for at some point. She lets Vanraj know that the issue is in Pakhi and not in Adhik. She says Pakhi hauls Ishani in court. Pakhi contends with Baa and requests that she shut up. Baa slaps her. Vanraj says Baa. Baa requests that Vanraj clear the wreck and do fix up with Adhik. Pakhi takes steps to take her life assuming that Adhik is permitted to meet Ishani.

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