Anupama 20th January 2024 Written Episode 1172

Anupama 20th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 20th January 2024 begins Anupama is in the vehicle with Yashdeep. Shruti and Anuj are in their vehicle too. Shruti inquires as to whether she will make subterranean insect and elephant quip and tells that the quietness is killing her n? Yashdeep lets Anupama know that he gets terrified of abnormal quiet, and says we, armed force individuals bear firearm sound, yet not quietness. Anupama inquires as to whether you are in armed force. He says Indian Armed force. Anupama says Jai Rear and says she is meeting a military individual interestingly.

Kavya tells Vanraj that Pakhi is fouling up and says your visually impaired help demolished her home. She inquires as to whether Adhik gets Ishani’s care then? She requests that he request that Pakhi fix up with Adhik and requests that he do what a dependable father by marriage does. She requests that he gain appreciation and not to grab it. Vanraj sees Titu and Dimpy playing with kids.

Yashdeep says in the wake of serving for armed force, I took the retirement and went to my town, then Beeji called me here. He asks how could she come here? Anupama says fate brought her here and tells everything. He says bade bhaiyya made culinary specialist washed utensils. Anupama says I’m not griping and tells that he has offered numerous courtesies on her.

Shruti giggles after a joke and tells that they will do exotic marriage and the spot will be chosen by Aadhya. She tells that she feels that they will move to India and says we emerged on makar sankranti as we were feeling alone.

Anupama enlightens Rahul concerning Yash profound and says they are total opposites from one another. Yashdeep comes there and them to do Jai rear. He says he is their supervisor for few days and says they will accomplish the collaboration and will be focused. Anupama asks you will have anything. He says he takes bread margarine and jam.

Heavenly messenger advises Kinjal that she would rather not go to gut class as then educator is severe. Kinjal requests that she assume her to the position where Indian woman was moving. She asks her not to tell Toshu. Toshu comes there. She says your morning meal is prepared.

Anupama serves sandwich to Yashdeep. Yashdeep asks where is bread and butter and checks. Anupama says she has added it. Rahul says margarine implies peanut butter and Jam implies Jam. Anupama says sorry and says she will make another sandwich. He says he will eat and signs it is great.

Anuj lets Shruti know that he can’t get her. Aadhya inquires as to whether he is heading off to some place stunning them. She then, at that point, says he is unwell and that is the reason she inquired.

Dimpy is in the kitchen. She detects somebody and takes roller to hit. Titu keeps hand on her mouth and says he was parched so came to hydrate. They take a gander at one another. He asks her not to yell. She drops the roller on the floor. Vanraj asks who is there? Dimpy and Titu gets stressed.

Anuj calls Devika. Devika picks the call and makes proper acquaintance. Anuj makes proper acquaintance. She says Anuj… .you recollected that me so early and says you ought to have called me following 10-15 years. Anuj says you knows it all and says he has disengaged himself from everybody. Devika says in the event that you was infront of me, I would have made your chutney. Anuj requests that she do anything she desires and inquires as to whether Anu is in America, I truly need to be aware. She says you could be familiar with her most likely.

Vanraj asks Dimpy what she is doing in the kitchen and why she didn’t answer to him. Dimpy says she was having cotton in her ear so didn’t tune in. Vanraj finds the window open, and says you had shut it. Dimpy says no. Vanraj checks and closes it. Dimpy goes. Titu is as yet concealing external the window so Vanraj doesn’t think them wrong.

Anuj requests that Devika tell. Devika says you have separated from her, so be blissful and allowed Anu to remain any place she is? Anuj says I want to be familiar with Anu. Devika says you have connected with to NRI young lady and will wed her, why you need to be aware of Anupama. Anuj requests that Devika tell where is Anupama and gives her kinship swear. Devika says OK, Anu is in America. She asks where is she and requests that she give him any subtleties. Devika says she doesn’t have any idea where could Anu be? Anupama misses Devika and says since she lost the journal and telephone, her telephone number went. Anuj says I didn’t trust this. Devika says the eatery where she had gone for work, I’m calling yet call isn’t associating. Anuj requests that she say and lets that the café know where she had went to work. She says the facts can’t show that you didn’t have the foggiest idea. Devika swears on Anupama and says she didn’t have any idea, and says on the off chance that she comes to be aware, will illuminate him. Anuj requests that she tell that he is passing on without her and couldn’t live. He closes the call.

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