Anupama 18th January 2024 Written Episode 1170

Anupama 18th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 18th January 2024 begins Anuj gets a call and reasons himself. Shruti gives hot cocoa for Aadhya and sits close by. Aadhya grins and takes it. She reviews Anuj’s words and requests that Shruti call her folks there, and says when the marriage needs to occur, why to occur following 2 months, and tells that she maintains that their family should be family in obvious sense, and says she need nothing unbelievable. Shruti asks what happened unexpectedly. Aadhya says she believes that her should make her as her Mother. She assumes she needs to put full stop to their romantic tale before it begins once more.

Baa, Kavya and others come for the sankranti festivity. Ansh takes the kite. Mahi additionally takes a similar kite. Ansh tumbles down and faults Mahi for pushing him. Pakhi comes there, chides Mahi and is going to slap her. Kavya asks how dare you and tells that she never lifted her hand on her little girl. Pakhi says that is the reason she is this way. Kavya says you ought to have slap in your experience growing up, else you could not have possibly been equivalent to you are. Vanraj comes there and asks what’s going on? Ansh tells Vanraj that Mahi pushed him and requests that he send her to inn. He says he can’t stand her. Mahi says she didn’t push him. Vanraj chastens Pakhi and asks her not to blow up on children, and let Dimpy handle the children. Kavya sends the children from that point. Pakhi says Dimpy doesn’t have time, taking care of Titu. Vanraj asks your meaning could be a little clearer. All at once somebody calls him and he goes. Kavya says you are tattle young lady and tells that you adds flavors and express the things.

Vanraj flies kite and the neighbors applauds him. Dimpy additionally flies the kite. Titu comes there and holds the string roll. Dimpy grins and inquires as to for what reason did you come, and says you should feel torment. He says he is in torment since 5 years. Pakhi signs Vanraj. Vanraj yells Dimpy. Dimpy leaves the kite and goes to Vanraj.

Aadhya sees Anuj dozing on the couch and brings the cover. Anuj gets up and goes out. Aadhya gets stressed thinking he will meet Joshi ben. The neighbor recognizes Titu as a major big name and asks Vanraj what is he doing in his home. Other neighbor says he saved Baa yesterday. They cheer for Titu. Baa inquires as to whether Titu has become big name. Pakhi keeps an eye on her telephone and thinks he has become big name from powerhouse. Kavya lets Baa know that Titu has turned into a major superstar and frequently passes judgment on the dance projects and he likewise has a dance school now.

Beeji sneaks in the café later in the evening and Anupama gets frightened thinking hoodlum has entered and picks roti roller, stew and so forth. Beeji says you would have given me cardiovascular failure. Anupama says no Beeji. All of a sudden they see a cheat attempting to enter the eatery and yell at him. The criminal takes off. Beeji says he has gone. Anupama says these stuff are helpful to make the criminal run.

Aadhya stresses that Anuj went to meet Joshi ben and figures how to stop him, as he has failed to remember his telephone at home. Shruti comes there and tells that Anuj went to pick the models from the air terminal and requests that she call his associate who is with him. Aadhya inquires as to whether she is certain? Shruti inquires as to whether she needs to impart something to her.

Titu and Vanraj are flying the kite. Individuals roots for Titu as he cuts Vanraj’s kite. Titu says Kai po che and moves. Everybody begins moving. Mahi checks Vanraj out. Dimpy looks for somebody. Titu signs what was the deal? Dimpy signs something. Vanraj asks what you are marking at him? Dimpy says Ishani is missing.

Anupama inquires as to whether Sir is fine, in the event that you are fine and says in the event that he didn’t arrive at home that you came here. Beeji says all is well, I have come for yourself and not to look through my child. She requests that she accompany her to her home. Anupama won’t come and says Supervisor won’t care for it. Beeji tells that he won’t tell anything, and says I requested that he let you know 2 days back, however he has failed to remember him. Anupama tells that she will not blend individual and expert life. Beeji requests that she be proficient with Yashpal and individual with her. She requests that she prepare and change her saree, as there is a capability at home. Anupama says so late in night. Beeji says it is never late for Punjabis and requests that she prepare. Anupama gets stressed.

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