Anupama 17th January 2024 Written Episode 1169

Anupama 17th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 17th January 2024 begins Vanraj dismisses Mahi’s hand and goes from that point irately. Mahi asks Kavya for what good reason Father didn’t adore her, in the event that he could have done without to see her here. Dimpy embraces Mahi and says it isn’t that way, we as a whole are cheerful and takes her from that point. Kavya checks Baa out. Anuj makes Until laddoos and thinks celebration isn’t similar to celebration now. He assumes he needs to make it happen, else how he will show his way of life to his girl. He thinks Aadhya cleared that Joshi ben is another person. He makes laddoos. Shruti comes there and asks didn’t somebody tell that the laddoos are round. Anuj shows his dressed hand. Shruti says she will make them round. He inquires as to whether she felt terrible that they expel her from their discussion. She says even Aadhya and I do likewise, and tells that she felt stressed for themselves and inquires as to whether they are fine. Anuj gestures his head.

He says you are extremely understanding and great as well. She says fortunate you. They chuckle. Anupama makes laddoos. Anuj tells that Gujju people group is extremely enormous here and they praise every one of the celebrations terrifically. She says they celebrate makar sankranti as well and requests that he show her kite flying. Anuj thinks Aadhya is correct, I will not scratch my past else I will hurt Aadhya and Shruti both. He figures he will contemplate their future. Aadhya comes there and says they will go for the celebration.

Kavya is going to converse with Baa. Pakhi asks Kavya for what reason did she bring Mahi here, realizing Daddy generally dislikes her, and says you didn’t figure what Ansh and Ishani will think. Kavya says youngsters’ heart isn’t little and their reasoning isn’t restricted. She says they truly do battle and it slips afterward’s mind, and don’t drag it all life. She tells that Specialist said that Mahi feels forlorn. Pakhi says she ought to have brought some toys and garments. Kavya tells that her girl needs her dad. She says all ladies dislike you, who gives things like this and tells that all kids needs their folks’ affection. She says in the event that kids are content with things like this, no youngsters would have been in discouragement. She asks her not to meddle among Mahi and her else individuals will say step mother acted as step mother. Pakhi lets Baa know that Kavya has a harsh tone. Baa says even you have something similar. Vanraj says Father is bothered with Titu and Mahi’s visit. Baa requests that she leave assuming she is so stressed for her Dad. Pakhi says now Mahabharat will occur here day to day.

Kinjal gets back home and asks Toshu, on the off chance that Angie rested, assuming she had food. He says OK. Kinjal says it is enough of your beverages presently, lets rest, tomorrow is her school. He says I need to let you know something. Kinjal asks did you follow through with something? Toshu says I saw Mummy. Kinjal asks in dream. Toshu expresses infront of park street, when I went to take Pari. Kinjal asks what had occurred? He tells everything. Kinjal says Mummy called you and you didn’t converse with her. He says I would rather not converse with anybody. Anupama gives the until laddoos to individuals. Anuj advises Aadhya that he would rather not get her far from the celebration and that is the reason commending the celebration. He lights the lamp. Anupama additionally lights it and it flies overhead.

Dimpy sees Titu falling on the bed, gets stressed and goes from that point. Ishani and Mahi come there. Ishani requests that he compose his desire. He makes young lady and fellow on the kite, and says it is his desire and considers Dimpy and him. Ishani requests that he compose that her Mummy will chasten her less, and Mahi requests that he compose, her daddy will cherish her.

Anupama makes a wish for Baa, Babu ji, Anuj, Choti and others. Aadhya wishes that they will continuously be together and blissful. Shruti expresses same for me. Anuj wishes to meet Anu and says I really want the conclusion. Anupama and Anuj’s lamp fly overhead and stall out with one another. Aadhya says now our desire will blend in with another person wish. Shruti gets out whatever is written in predetermination will occur.

Ansh comes to Mahi and calls her untouchable, requesting that she avoid her Dadu. Mahi says I’m your Bua. Ansh says so little. She says OK. Ansh contends and says he will break all her toys. Kavya and Dimpy come there. Titu requests that children see the wizardry and attempts to fly the kite. He is going to fall, when Dimpy keeps him from down side. Pakhi applauds and tells that I wish Daddy would see this sentiment. Kavya admonishes Pakhi. She asks Titu not to surrender. Titu gestures his head.

Aadhya sees Anuj pushed and tells that they will go out for winter get-away. She says every one of my companions went out, yet I’m in New York. Shruti says there is my organization occasion this week, which is facilitating by AK. Anuj says OK. Aadhya supposes assuming that Anuj and Anupama slam into one another. Anupama holds Anuj’s suppressor and feels him. She believes on the off chance that he is in America.

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