Anupama 16th January 2024 Written Episode 1168

Anupama 16th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 16th January 2024 begins Vanraj thinks about Tapish’s answer that he won’t leave coming there, he isn’t terrified of anybody as his adoration is more greater than your apprehension. He sees Dimpy going from that point and calls her, inquiring as to whether she will meet Titu. Dimpy says she will give medication to Baa. She says Samar left me and Ansh doesn’t come to me, presently I have recently my dignity, don’t question me. She says I demand you, Dad and goes. Vanraj reviews Anupama’s insubordinate words and thinks this is Titu’s impact. He figures she could become defiant like Anupama, and figures he won’t let her Ansh disappear from him.

Shruti lets Anuj know that assuming he met Joshi ben. Anuj says no. Vikram asks Anupama where were you and says AK had come to meet you uniquely and says predetermination is playing find the stowaway game with you both. Shruti asks what occurred, just I am talking. Anuj asks her not to take it in an incorrect manner and says Aadhya and I need to converse with one another alone. Aadhya figures she can feel something is irritating her. Anuj reviews the happenings and requests that Aadhya let know if she saw Anupama in US and assuming she is getting fits of anxiety because of her. Aadhya says I didn’t see her, don’t take her name and inquires as to whether you saw her.

Anuj says OK, and says he saw from far. He says on the off chance that I had not met with a mishap, then, at that point, would have seen her. He tells that the gourmet specialist Joshi ben is Anupama. Aadhya says I met her, she is another person, she had come to my party. She says you will get hitched to Shru, and that is the reason you are feeling all that. She says we have given that spot to Shru and says we will thoroughly search in the front and fail to remember the past. She says Joshi ben is a culinary specialist and not your ex or my ex mother. Anupama consumes her hand while contemplating Aadhya and AK, thinks she feels Aadhya resembles her Choti. Aadhya says we will carry on with a blissful family and requests that he guarantee that he won’t look through her and will let Anupama as their ex as it were. Anupama says I don’t have any idea why I’m crying. Aadhya requests that he guarantee. Anuj guarantees that he won’t peep or look through the past. He says Pops love you.

Ansh requests that Vanraj accompany him. Vanraj declines. He says he can’t go out until that person is here. Ishani tells that they saw him when they were coming here. Dimpy says we saw him from outside. Titu goes live and says he couldn’t say whether anything occurs with us for good and awful. He requests that his supporters be protected. Vanraj is disturbed that Titu is the person, who saved Baa. Ishani says he is in torment. Pakhi asks how would you be aware? Ishani says she saw. All at once they see Kavya bringing Mahi there.

Anupama gathers some paper for the kite making, and misses generally her family during the celebrations. She says I will make laddoo, chikki and everything which I used to in Ahmedabad. She says assuming that anybody showed kite traveling to my Samar’s child and says she has hardly any familiarity with Kavya’s child. Mahi comes to Vanraj and embraces him. She says I missed you Dad, I told Mummy ordinarily, to take me there. Anupama tells that she was away from her family for quite some time, yet was in her dirt. She wishes her loved ones. Cheerful Sanskranti.

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