Anupama 16th December 2023 Written Episode 1138

Anupama 16th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 16th December 2023 episode begins with Kinjal, Anupama, Anu and Pari getting back with Kinjal driving the vehicle.

Anupama sees Toshu calling Kinjal over and again and requests that she get it as it very well may be significant.

Kinjal says she will arrive at home and converse with them as she has previously informed Toshu that she and Pari are returning and safe.

Anupama says nothing further and moans as she doesn’t maintain that one more battle should fan out in light of this occurrence.

Kinjal discusses the excursion and how it has been so pleasant for everybody to which Anupama concurs while Pari begins crying in the rearward sitting arrangement.

Anu says that she has not done anything to which Anupama giggles and says that she isn’t accusing Anu by any means, requesting that Kinjal stop the vehicle so Anupama can take Pari in her lap.

Anupama takes Pari in the front seat and acts affectionately toward her which causes Anu to feel envious.

Anu says that she likewise needs to come to the front seat and attempts to move over which makes Anupama stressed as there is no space in the front seat any longer.

Kinjal loses her equilibrium as Anu meddles in her vision after which the vehicle collides with a post.

Anupama is left stunned as she sees Kinjal oblivious steering the ship and attempts to escape the vehicle just to figure out that the vehicle is hanging at the edge of a precipice.

Anu begins crying and says that they will pass on however Anupama asks her not to express such things as she is extremely daring and can deal with anything directly.

Anupama begins contemplating how she ought to save everybody as she can’t bear to allow anybody to get in harm’s way.

In the interim, Vanraj and Toshu continue to go to the Kapadia chateau to bring back Kinjal however Hasmukh stops them saying that they reserve no option to go there and cause a ruckus.

Anuj becomes more acquainted with that Anupama isn’t getting anyone’s calls and he calls her himself just to track down no response to it.

Coming to the Shah house, Anuj begins contending with Vanraj as he faults Anupama for removing Kinjal and Pari after which he says that he will think that they are outside.

Back at the mishap scene, Anupama requests that Anu stay back and not come to the front after which she passes Pari to the secondary lounge and attempts to call somebody just to see that no organization is there.

Anupama sprinkles water all over and attempts to awaken her after which she prevails with regards to opening Kinjal’s entryway and pushes her out of the vehicle tenderly.

Anu sits with dismay as Anupama requests Pari and gets her out first after which Anupama’s saree stalls out and the entryway closes all alone.

Anupama makes an honest effort to open the entryway however seeing no achievement she breaks the window with a stone and requests that Anu emerge from that section.

Soon after Anu emerges, the vehicle tumbles down the precipice with Anupama embracing Anu with a stunned articulation and Kinjal waking up.

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