Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Episode 1137

Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 15th December 2023 episode begins with Kavya offering her farewells to everybody in the family before she disappears from the house.

Hasmukh lets Kavya know that he is grieved that he could do nothing for her, guaranteeing her that the house has a place with her as well and she can come there at whatever point she needs.

Kavya feels honored to hear Hasmukh and tells him and Leela that she is likewise remaining close to the house and they can visit her whenever they need.

Hasmukh gives a cash to Kavya, requesting that she acknowledge it as his approval after which Kavya moves to Leela and says thanks to her for all that they have partaken in these productive years.

Both Leela and Kavya think back about days when they used to battle with one another and share a lovely embrace to commend their relationship.

Dimple says that she is losing her companions continually when Kavya says that she isn’t going that far which implies they can constantly meet to have gol-gappe together.

Kavya requests that Dimpy visit her at whatever point she feels forlorn after which she moves to Pakhi and lets her as a companion know that a marriage can’t run on one individual’s endeavors.

Pakhi stands quiet while Kavya advises her to get back to Adhik as he should be hanging tight for her.

As Kavya is going to leave, Vanraj lets Kavya know that she can go any place she needs however she should cut all binds with the Shah family.

Kavya lets Vanraj know that he have zero control over all the relatives’ lives like this and she doesn’t have to submit to him as she is leaving.

With slow advances from the relatives, Kavya emerges from the house and strolls alone in the city with tears in her eyes.

The following morning, Anupama receives Kavya’s message that she has moved to her new house and Anuj says that they saw this approaching with the manner in which Vanraj is acting.

Anupama inquires as to whether they can go out traveling some place with only them three to which Anuj gives a positive reaction and says that Anupama will end up in another spot very soon.

Anu awakens and finds Anupama and Anuj discussing Pari and the amount she has developed to turn into the cutest youngster on the planet which puts off her temperament.

In the mean time, Vanraj and Toshu kid about things and act typical with different individuals, attempting to lift their mind-set when Vanraj becomes more acquainted with that Kinjal isn’t at home with Pari.

Kinjal comes to meet Anupama and Anuj at their home and apologizes to Anupama for whatever occurred at the party the earlier day.

Anuj says that nobody can prevent Anupama from meeting her family after which Kinjal recommends that they ought to go on a cookout together.

Anupama, Anu, Kinjal, and Pari go to the outing together as Anuj has gatherings to join in and partake in the colder time of year sun by laying around languidly.

Anu continually feels envious of seeing Anupama adoring and dealing with Pari after which they choose to get back via vehicle.

Simultaneously, Ankush lets Anuj know that their family cleric has expressed that there will be a major change in the family very soon.

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