Anupama 17th December 2023 Written Episode 1139

Anupama 17th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 17th December 2023 episode begins with Vanraj admonishing Anupama for blending in with Kinjal and Pari notwithstanding his refusal while Hansmukh requests that he stop.

Be that as it may, Vanraj doesn’t stop and proceeds to depict Anupama as an unfortunate lady as she generally gets issues.

Toshu concurs and proceeds to reprimand Anupama, naming her childish and even Leela asks Anupama how is it that she could do this.

Vanraj faults Anupama for the setback however Kinjal requests that Vanraj quit accusing Anupama as everything happened due to her.

That’s what kinjal states in the event that Anupama wouldn’t be available she and Pari would’ve passed on.

In any case, Vanraj lets Anupama know that she will as of now not be connected with the Shahs accordingly, removing all associations with her.

Vanraj lets his family know that if anyone has any desire to help Anupama, they can leave and Dimpy approaches.

He asks her not to fail to remember that she is pregnant with Samar’s kid, making Dimpy express that Samar was Anupama’s child as well.

Vanraj requests that Dimpy give her child to him and break all familial associations with them.

Dimpy states that the law won’t permit this, making Vanraj express that family ties would.

Vanraj states how he’ll go to meet Dimpy’s child, adding that her child won’t remain hers even in the wake of being his mom.

He requests that she choose her child and Anupama when Anupama signals Dimpy to disappear.

Dimpy disappears tragically while Anupama reviews her administration giving minutes in the Shah House.

Anupama lets everybody know that since she came to the Shah House, everybody faults her for the smallest things.

She states how on the off chance that a glass broke, she would be accused as she didn’t get it in time.

Anupama proceeds to express a few models which go onto fault her in any event, when it was not her shortcoming but rather the family’s.

Leela scowls tragically while Anupama vents out her yearlong disappointment of the Shah’s offending her.

Anupama adds that she was even tossed out of the house or had to leave further expressing, that she’s had enough.

She says that God is familiar with her and Anuj’s benevolent support of the Shah in spite of Anu needing her presence around her.

Anupama lets everybody know that she’s disappearing from them and won’t ever returned, adding that she’ll disappear gladly.

Anuj leaves with Anu and Anupama pushes ahead when Hasmukh calls her.

Hasmukh favors Anupama and she disappears in this manner, removing her last strides from the house.

Inside, Kinjal separates while Anupama takes one gander at the house and drives away with Anuj.

Sooner or later, they arrive at the Kapadia House and are welcomed by the family who inquire as to whether she’s fine.

Nonetheless, Anu is damaged by the occasion while Leela asks Anupama for what good reason she went to meet Pari and Kinjal.

Anupama states that she isn’t answerable for the mishap while Romil and Adhik stretch out their appreciation to god.

She goes to Anu however she takes off to Anuj as Anupama focuses on Kinjal and Pari before her.

Anu whines to Anuj about this, making him floored alongside the family.

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