Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Episode 1136

Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama fourteenth December 2023 episode begins with Vanraj hitting the dance floor with Pari to begin the birthday celebration alongside the visitors and relatives.

As Vanraj gives up Pari to Kinjal and begins setting up the cake, Anupama comes there and spots her high quality cake alongside the large cake.

Vanraj scowls at Anupama with shock while Anupama grins at Kinjal after which Kinjal hands her Pari and she shows her friendship to her in her ways.

Leela watches Vanraj’s grin vanish and says that Anupama shouldn’t have come here as she has not seen Vanraj this blissful in quite a while.

Vanraj brings Anupama to the side and asks her for what valid reason she has come to his home to which Anupama answers that she has come to meet her granddaughter and her child and little girl in-regulation who have gotten back from unfamiliar.

In the mean time, Anuj gets stressed thoroughly considering Anupama and how the Shah family would treat her at the party which gets seen by Ankush.

Ankush says that Anuj ought to have denied Anupama from going assuming he is concerned this much to which Anuj answers that he can’t simply isolate Anupama from her youngsters.

Anuj adds that he comprehends the aggravation of detachment however the Shah family generally acts so selfish toward Anupama and fails to remember how she has helped them before.

Ankush says that they can simply trust that Vanraj doesn’t create a situation at his grandaughter’s birthday celebration to which Anuj concurs.

Malti Devi and Barkha who have been hearing the discussion wish that Anupama gets offended by Vanraj to the most extreme so she can’t step into that house once more.

She adds that she will guarantee that Anupama stays a piece of no place very soon which will check her obliteration.

In the interim, the relatives assemble around and Kinjal says that she is the person who has welcomed Anupama to the party, irritating Vanraj.

Vanraj requests that Anupama leave on the off chance that she has any self confidence which causes Anupama snicker as she doesn’t to feel anything in the wake of hearing the hogwash Vanraj spouts.

Anupama says that she doesn’t mean to remain the entire night at his home either after which she takes Pari in her arms for one final time yet Vanraj grabs Pari away.

Everybody feels awful seeing the scene yet Anupama requests that they return to the party and she leaves the house while Pari cuts her birthday cake.

Anuj hangs tight for Anupama and comprehends the matter when Anupama comes and immediately embraces him after which he offers tea to her.

He advises Anupama that she really wants to change her way now that nobody is valuing her presence in that house.

Somewhere else, Hasmukh and others are miserable in the wake of seeing Anupama being offended and after the party is finished, Kavya emerges with her gear.

Kavya says that she has found a house while Hasmukh and Leela request that Vanraj stop her yet he says that Anupama has instilled things into the minds of Kavya, Dimpy, and Kinjal.

Anuj requests that Anupama stop her distressing life and sleep to recuperate her energy which makes Anupama grin.

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