Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Episode 1135

Anupama 13th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama thirteenth December 2023 episode begins with Kinjal clarifying for Leela that the food she is giving Pari is protected yet Leela continues to contrast the contemporary world and the bygone eras.

Leela chooses to take care of Pari the plain food arranged while Kinjal requests that Pari eat quick as they will go to meet Anupama.

Kinjal says despite the fact that Anupama will come to the house, she needs to proceed to meet her first, causing Leela to illuminate Kinjal about Vanraj’s limitations.

There, Anuj attempts to comfort Anu, saying he will purchase presents for her later.

Notwithstanding, Anupama gives Anu another workmanship book she purchased for Anu, satisfying her.

Malti Devi gets irritated to see her arrangement fizzled while Anu sees every one of the gifts and feels envious.

Somewhere else, Kinjal lets Leela know that it’s inappropriate to stop Anupama, adding that Anupama will be welcomed on Pari’s birthday.

That’s what kinjal states on the off chance that Anupama doesn’t come, the cake won’t be cut.

In the interim, Anuj clarifies for Anu that it’s Pari’s birthday the following day so Anupama purchases more presents for her.

Anupama advises Anu to express anything that she wants yet she discourteously answers that she needn’t bother with anything and tosses the craftsmanship book as well.

Titu moves, reviewing the new occurrence about Vanraj questioning his fellowship with Dimpi and sees her remaining there.

At the house, Anupama gives Anu a cake and diamonds to enrich it, causing Anu to do it cheerfully.

Anupama lets Anuj know that she will go to meet Pari as it’s her birthday and couldn’t care less about Vanraj’s limitations.

Anu again lashes out when she realizes that the cake is for Pari while Anuj lets Anupama know that he will reply back assuming Vanraj annoys her.

Somewhere else, Titu lets Dimpi know that he will get back to Mumbai and inquires as to whether he can stay in touch with her.

Dimpi consents to it, making Titu take a selfie with her prior to leaving.

She cries as she sees Titu leaving and Titu cries subsequent to emerging however areas of strength for acts.

At the Shah’s, Vanraj blows up the inflatables as it is Pari’s most memorable birthday when Toshu inquires as to whether he is as yet angry with them.

Vanraj says he grasps their choice yet requests that Toshu continue to stay with them.

At the Manor, Anupama gets ready all that to be taken for Pari’s birthday and Anu continues to feel unreliable and desirous.

At the party, Kinjal brings Pari while Vanraj advises Leela to see his manager’s child and shows Dimpi remaining close to Toshu and Pari.

Vanraj says regarding getting a cake from an extravagant inn while Toshu ponders Kinjal welcoming Anupama and fears everybody’s response.

While driving, Anupama gets eager to meet Pari while Anu sees the cake kept close to her in the vehicle.

Afterward, Vanraj acquaints Dimpi with his chief and his child while Kavya inquires as to whether she is hanging tight for Anupama and both expectation for her appearance.

Subsequently, Anupama recalls Vanraj’s admonition and stops not long prior to arriving at the Shah house.

All of a sudden, Anuj calls her and requests that she return in the event that her heart isn’t permitting her to go yet she can go assuming her heart needs.

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