Anupama 31st October 2023 Written Episode 1092 Updates

Anupama 31st October 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 31st October 2023 episode begins with Pakhi saying that Dimple’s personality is notable to her and she realizes that Dimple will always be unable to control herself from creating problems.

Romil immediately sits on his bed as he sees Anupama in his room and wishes that she has not seen anything after which Anupama keeps Romil’s book on the bed and leaves the room.

In the wake of closing the entryway, Anupama understands that Romil is at an inquisitive age and probably went to the web, attempting to learn things about it.

Anupama says that she really wants to request that Ankush or Anuj converse with Romil about these issues as youngsters should be directed by their folks in this temporary stage which restricts them from getting the hang of anything unsafe.

The following day, Hasmukh and Vanraj come for a stroll in the park together and meet different elderly folks who tell Vanraj that Hasmukh praises him without question.

They let Vanraj know that his folks are fortunate to have a child like him as most kids throw out their old guardians from their homes to carry on with a simple existence.

Vanraj doesn’t look glad to hear any of the positive commendations about him while Hasmukh requests that he go along with him in the giggling exercise.

Watching others giggle around him, Vanraj feels more hopeless for reasons unknown and lets Hasmukh know that he can’t snicker as attempting to chuckle is making him need to cry.

Hasmukh requests that Vanraj sit by the side without compelling him further while he joins the others in the activity meeting.

In the mean time, Ankush comes to Anuj and Anupama’s room, asking them for what valid reason they requested that he come and converse with them out of nowhere.

Anuj gets some information about to let him know something and he wants to calmly hear and respond to the whole thing to which Ankush concurs.

Anupama enlightens Ankush concerning her spotting Romil watching 18+ recordings in his room which enrages Ankush and he continues to rush out of the room however Anuj and Anupama stop him.

Anuj lets Ankush know that they are not griping about Romil to him as kids get inquisitive at this age and they believe Romil should get the right information from his folks with respect to sex training.

Anupama says that youngsters have forever been instructed not to get some information about things like this to their families which is the reason they furtively go to the web when their interest strikes.

Ankush is left confounded and says that he can’t discuss things like that with Romil however Anuj says that they need to have that discussion with their youngsters or probably they could get familiar with some unacceptable things and get impacted from now on.

After a touch of clarification, Ankush understands that he needs to do that thing as Romil’s dad and says thanks to Anuj and Anupama for telling him such something essential.

Somewhere else, Vanraj lets Hasmukh know that different seniors should have no pity in their lives which is the reason they are giggling so effectively.

Hasmukh informs Vanraj concerning the circumstances of those old individuals who have lost their families, been removed from their homes, and so forth which causes Vanraj to understand that he isn’t the only one with trouble.

As Hasmukh requests that Vanraj pick light among light and dimness, Vanraj strolls into the daylight and inhales gradually which leaves Hasmukh blissful.

Simultaneously, Dimple prepares to leave when Anupama gives her the tiffin and enhancements while requesting that Pakhi take her cool espresso from the refrigerator which triggers Pakhi.

Anupama converses with Devika about specialists and petitions God so Pakhi gets the delight of becoming a mother however Pakhi feels that Anupama doesn’t really mind when Malti Devi comes to her as her ally.

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