Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Episode 1091 Updates

Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 30th October 2023 episode begins with Anupama making Dimple wear hoops, bangles, and bindi to look great.

Pakhi keeps on remaining a ways off and notice the relatives as they assemble around Dimple and begin inquiring as to whether her wellbeing is fine or on the other hand in the event that she wants anything.

Anuj praises how flawless Dimple cares for which Dimple begins hacking and Adhik brings water for her promptly which rankles Pakhi.

Dimple thanks everybody for their help when Adhik tells her that she ought to constantly have water, tidbits and chocolates in her handbag for her desires.

Anuj concurs with Adhik and both Anuj and Adhik bring her Imli confections and Swiss chocolates after which Dimple leaves for her occasion and Pakhi comes to her room.

Adhik comes into the room, asking Pakhi what the matter is to which Pakhi requests that he be Dimple’s overseer and guarantee that she is getting all things needed for her pregnancy.

Pakhi says that nobody is offering her consideration now that she can’t become a mother and can’t see her misery which triggers Adhik and he requests that Pakhi quit utilizing the “no-mother” card as her weapon.

Adhik says that he has second thoughts and anguish for his and Pakhi’s circumstance however he isn’t utilizing the reason to exploit himself after which he leaves the room.

Pakhi keeps on crying alone while Malti Devi remains outside the room and notices the scene with an inquisitive face.

In the mean time, Vanraj inquires as to whether he can store a really look at in the bank yet Toshu stays occupied in his call without seeing Vanraj or Pari who keeps on crying.

Hasmukh returns home from the market, requesting that Toshu concentrate entirely on his family experiencing before his eyes after which he requests that Vanraj accompany him.

Later around evening time, Anupama sits in the front room, sitting tight for Anuj when Malti Devi requests that she rest as she will take care of Anuj after he returns.

Anupama advises Malti Devi to rest rather as she is more seasoned than her and necessities to deal with herself appropriately after all the pursuing she does Anu day in and day out.

Malti Devi says that Anuj loves Anupama without a doubt and she laments not acquiring love in such a long time which is the reason she is abandoned in the present.

Anupama says that Malti Devi will definitely move love assuming that she offers love and jokes that she doesn’t need a severe mother by marriage.

Malti Devi lets Anupama know that her mother by marriage’s temperament will rely upon Anupama’s way of behaving as the girl in-regulation.

Anuj returns home yelling Anupama’s name and Anupama calls attention to that Malti Devi is additionally present after which Malti Devi passes on to rest.

Anupama serves supper for Anuj with his most loved parathas which makes Anuj miserable as he wouldn’t have the option to acquire his abs.

Simultaneously, Kavya begins feeling distress around midnight and attempts to quiet down however feels woozy after which she falls on the seat.

Leela comes and deals with Kavya by making her lie on her lap and assisting her with resting as Kavya’s seventh month has begun.

Anuj and Anupama partake in supper together when they spot Romil heading inside and Anupama offers him kheer which he eats and leaves without taking his book from the table.

In the interim, Adhik expresses sorry to Pakhi for being so irate prior however Pakhi says that Dimple is simply going about as a casualty so she stands out enough to be noticed to her.

Adhik says that Pakhi does likewise which enrages Pakhi and she lets him know that Dimple will disgrace the entire family very soon.

After Anuj goes to the room, Anupama comes to give Romil his book and opens the entryway in the wake of hearing a commotion inside which leaves her stunned.

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