Anupama 27th October 2023 Written Episode 1086

Anupama 27th October 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 27th October 2023 episode begins with Pakhi letting herself know that no one qualities her now that she can’t become a mother.

Dimple lets Pakhi know that she caught wind of her circumstance from Barkha and communicates misery on hearing that Pakhi can’t become a mother.

In any case, Pakhi imagines that Dimple is provoking her for not having the option to become a mother, asking her not to rub salt over her injury.

Pakhi says that she doesn’t require compassion from Dimple who is flaunting about how she can become a mother and Pakhi can’t which makes Dimple say that she didn’t mean something like this.

Dimple advises Pakhi that her aim was not to insult anybody after which Pakhi requests that Dimple quit talking as Dimple is the individual who has begun everything awful in the family.

Pakhi understands that she has gone too far while Dimple begins crying, saying that she has lost everything after which Pakhi gives Dimple water.

Dimple says that her own life is exceptionally screwed up with everything lying with her while Pakhi requests that Dimple plan out what she needs to do.

In the interim, Anupama and Devika leave for some place and call for Anuj to come ground floor yet Malti Devi says that Anuj has proactively left.

After Anupama and Devika leave, Anuj comes ground floor and looks for them to which Malti Devi illuminates Anuj that Anupama may accompany Anu.

Anupama and Devika arrive at the club where Sonu much of the time goes with his companions and they choose to execute their arrangement which is extremely hazardous and can turn out badly all of a sudden.

Sonu and his companions get some R&R and beat on the table to rival each other with respect to who can drink quicker when Anupama sits across Sonu and keeps on banging the table.

Anupama advises Sonu that she needs to play truth and dare with him as she needs to check assuming Sonu has the fortitude in his heart to accomplish something that needs dauntlessness.

Sonu gets set off hearing Anupama’s words and Anupama turns the containers which stop at Sonu after which she requests that he come clean.

Anupama says that she realizes that Sonu can’t come clean as he is a weakling who gets safeguarded by his dad constantly and his firearm could likewise have been grabbed away by his dad.

Devika gets apprehensive as she trusts that Anuj will show up with the police while Romil illuminates Anuj that Anupama and Devika had previously left thirty minutes prior.

Anuj hustles to the club while Anupama proceeds to gaslight Sonu, saying that she doesn’t imagine that Sonu is fit for killing anybody as it expects boldness to pull the trigger.

Sonu grips his jaw and goes for his weapon gradually after which he focuses it at Anupama leaving everybody stunned.

Anupama requests that Sonu show his real essence and Sonu says that it is a similar firearm with which he fired Samar dead and presently would kill his mom.

Anuj comes there, requesting that Sonu bring down his weapon after which Sonu says that it was Anuj whom he needed to kill and he will satisfy that wish now.

Sonu shoots a projectile and Anupama hops toward Anuj to save him while the police enter and capture Sonu as all that has been kept in the CCTV and secret cameras.

After Sonu is removed, Anuj and Anupama check if the two of them are okay and Anupama destroys, understanding that Samar will get equity with Sonu accepting his discipline.

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