Anupama 25th October 2023 Written Episode 1084

Anupama 25th October 2023 Written Update

The present Anupama 25th October 2023 episode begins with Anuj let Anupama know that the appointed authority has precluded their side and given the decision that Sonu is honest.

Anupama feels her reality disintegrating on hearing Anuj and nearly loses er balance however Devika and Anuj assist her with remaining on her feet.

Devika says that she had a thought that the court scene would resemble that main, since time is running short they must gather proof and witnesses.

Anuj concurs with Devika and asks Anupama not to lose trust as they can go to the high court to reapply for the case in the event that they are not happy with the neighborhood court decisions.

Devika asks Anupama not to fault her at all as Vinay’s admission would be late to introduce in the court and could get demonstrated as a bogus one.

Anupama says that she can never acknowledge that the enemy of her Samar will meander around uninhibitedly while her family needs to live in steady trepidation with which Anuj and Devika concur immediately.

Suresh Rathore comes there with Sonu and snickers at Anupama and others as is commonly said that a fair outcome has been given lastly his blameless child is liberated from allegations.

The media asks Suresh Rathore how he is feeling, to which Suresh answers that he is happy the court pursued the best choice.

In the interim, Malti Devi moves and recalls Anuj’s words to her as she needs to make the family and family her own, where everybody submits to her orders without obstruction.

Barkha says that she has a thought of what Malti Devi is attempting to do and won’t allow the arrangement to prevail as she despises that.

In the mean time, Vanraj catches wind of the decision from Anupama and Anuj after they arrive at the Shah house and goes off the deep end, saying that he has flopped as a dad.

Anupama says that Samar has not lost at this point and this is the beginning of one more conflict which attempts to propel the relatives.

Dimple sits irredeemably on hearing that they have lost the case after which Anupama comes to her and asks her not to get stressed as they will go to a higher court.

Unexpectedly, Suresh Rathore and Sonu come there with their protectors and shock the whole Shah family.

Suresh says that he has given desserts for them to share his joy as he thinks about the Shah family as his own kin.

As Vanraj continues to pound them, Suresh requests that he control himself as the entire scene is getting recorded.

Suresh circumvents offering the desserts after which Vanraj acknowledges the desserts and says that they will win the following hearing in the high court which leaves Suresh with a severe articulation.

Everybody eats the desserts and gazes gladly at Suresh while Anupama says that his child will certainly be rebuffed on this event of Dusshera.

Simultaneously, Romil lets Pakhi and Adhik know that the two of them are viable in impropriety as they change their tendency at whatever point they needn’t bother with Anupama.

Pakhi requests that Romil avoid her own issues however Romil requests that she recollect that she wouldn’t battle for her dead sibling.

Malti Devi begins dance classes with Anu’s companions however Barkha tells her that she ought to ask Anupama first as the whole house and domain have a place with her.

Somewhere else, Dimple advises Anupama that they don’t have to go to the high court as the entire family is self-destructing with Toshu and Kinjal in any event, leaving the country.

Anupama is stunned and stands up to Toshu and Kinjal to figure out why they settled on such a choice out of nowhere.

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