Anupama 24th November 2023 Written Episode 1116

Anupama 24th November 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 24th November 2023 episode begins with Leela giving Hasmukh the relief from discomfort splash after which Leela requests that he pass her portable as need might arise to really take a look at the messages.

Leela expresses that there are a few messages coming for her yet sees none in the wake of opening the telephone which confounds her a ton yet she gets occupied while conversing with their family members.

In the mean time, Dimpy goes through a profound breakdown as she understands that her whole life is disintegrating down and nobody will accept that she doesn’t have anything to do with such a phony video.

Dimpy’s understudies attempt to comfort her and say that they will report the video from their records yet Dimpy isn’t persuaded that anything will occur from doing as such.

Titu stoops to hold Dimpy as she sinks to the floor while crying yet Dimple’s outrage gets redirected at Titu and she faults him for all that is occurring.

Dimpy says that her life was basically smooth before he entered and destroyed everything with his presence, requesting that he leave the foundation and her life for eternity.

Titu says nothing and quietly leaves the institute when he chances upon Anupama however doesn’t stop to converse with her.

Anupama sees what is going on there and spots Dimpy crying without help from anyone else which gives her a thought regarding what occurred.

Somewhere else, Pakhi sees the video and calls Leela to come to the parlor while Romil panics after seeing Pakhi and asks her not to express anything to Leela as she is wiped out.

Pakhi requests that Romil shut up as she understands what to do and faults Dimpy for doing such indecent things as a pregnant widow.

Leela comes to the parlor and Pakhi shows her, Malti Devi, and Barkha the video of Titu and Dimpy together which leaves them staggered.

Romil lets Leela know that the video is phony and the appearances have been photoshopped yet Malti Devi says that it very well may be genuinely too as youngsters frequently commit errors.

Hasmukh requests that everybody keep silent and quit accusing Dimpy after which Leela quietly strolls inside the room with Hasmukh coming after her.

Simultaneously, Anupama clarifies for Dimpy that they need to battle society assuming they wish to get by with their heads high.

Anupama says that Dimpy needn’t bother with to be frightened as she has the family next to her and entirely misunderstands didn’t do anything after which she lets Dimpy know that she fouled up by accusing Titu like that.

Leela lets Hasmukh know that she prevented Dimpy from getting out in light of these things and the outcome is before them.

Jhanak calls Dimple and guarantees her that she is there for her as her companion after which Dimpy informs Anupama regarding the two men.

While returning home, Anupama and Dimpy are stunned to see those two men and Anupama fires whipping them with belts.

Dimpy wavers at first however at that point joins Anupama while Malti Devi lets Leela know that they ought to quietly get back to their own home to conceal their countenances which Anuj hears.

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