Anupama 23rd November 2023 Written Episode 1115

Anupama 23rd November 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 23rd November 2023 episode begins with Barkha seeing Leela cooking something in the kitchen and asking her for what reason she is working.

Leela says that she can’t simply sit inactive as she isn’t familiar with such a way of life while asking Barkha how she can lounge around failing to help the entire day.

Barkha remarks that Leela should not be that wiped out after which Malti Devi comes there and asks Leela not to bring any hardship for Anuj.

Malti Devi says that everybody will fault Anuj assuming anything happens to Leela while she is remaining there after which Leela says that she is making nourishment for Anuj as it were.

Leela adds that Anuj partakes in her cooking a lot of which triggers Malti Devi and she likewise makes a similar dish to try out who improves food.

Afterward, Anuj is given two dishes of halwa when Leela and Malti Devi requests that he recognize which is ready by whom alongside the better-tasting dish.

Anupama, Romil, and Ankush chuckle at Anuj’s circumstance as he is stuck among Leela and Malti Devi while Anuj giggles anxiously.

Anuj combines the two halwas as one and says that both taste great after which Leela makes reference to that Anuj could do without cauliflower and Malti Devi ought to realize things like that as Anuj’s mom.

In the mean time, Dimpy and Titu instruct dance to the understudies when the two men whom Dimpy knock in the earlier night show up and remark that they additionally wish to learn dance on the off chance that they can get so near Dimpy.

Dimpy gets nauseated on hearing the remarks while Titu holds his jaw, lands punches on the two men and doesn’t stop until Dimpy moves drove away while halting him.

Those men click pictures of Titu and Dimpy together and plan to utilize them gravely while Titu inquires as to whether she is OK.

Subsequent to seeing Titu attempting to assist her with everything, Dimpy lets him know that she needn’t bother with his compassion and graciousness as she is enough for herself.

Dimpy says that she won’t endure Titu drawing nearer to her like that to which Titu snaps and says that he has no shortage of young ladies in his day to day existence which is the reason Dimpy shouldn’t give herself such a lot of significance.

Somewhere else, Romil shows Hasmukh how to utilize the web and its offices which Anuj and Anupama appreciate as there is no age to gain some new useful knowledge.

Romil is stunned to see a video and shows it to others leaving Anuj and Anupama paralyzed as they see altered pictures of Titu and Dimpy together like a couple.

Anuj says that the photos are phony and calls the digital division to be familiar with the guilty party while Anupama says that this phony video can obliterate everything.

Hasmukh comes and prevents Leela from seeing the video some way or another yet Dimpy watches it and starts feeling awful as everybody will discuss her personality transparently.

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