Anupama 14th January 2024 Written Episode 1166

Anupama 14th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 14th January 2024 begins Kavya comes to Vanraj and gives his tiffin. He inquires as to why you are bringing my tiffin and says you are all set for some significant work, so focus on that. Baa comes there and asks where is she going? Vanraj says she will prep the models. Baa says you are going for work and didn’t illuminate me. Kavya apologizes to her for illuminating her without a second to spare and tells that she truly need to work and add to the house. Baa asks what is the utilization to work, as Vanraj procures well. Vanraj requests that Baa let her go and lets Kavya know that she had his help when she had tried sincerely and furthermore upheld her when she really does demonstrating and says interestingly, you are taking care of business with next to no help, and will comprehend that bringing in cash is difficult. Kavya says on the off chance that you had upheld me in my most memorable work, I additionally upheld you, when you had figured out how to function solo then, at that point, even I will learn. He says why ladies contend with men. Kavya says we are discussing work, from where orientation thing came up. Baa asks them not to battle. Vanraj asks do you feel that I am envious of you. Kavya says you get more desirous and can consume more quicker than petroleum. She gets a call from Mahi’s school that she is unwell, and lets Baa know that she will let Foundation know that she can’t come today and need to go to Mahi. Vanraj says youngsters do such thing to definitely stand out. Baa asks how would you know, and asks him not to drag the honest young lady in this.

Toshu calls Vanraj. Vanraj picks the call and says how could you call after such countless years. He inquires as to whether Kinjal and Pari are fine? Toshu says OK. Vanraj requests that he call him at some point and says you are calling after numerous years. Toshu says Kinjal calls you. Vanraj says however I need to converse with my child. Toshu says we will discuss this later and tells that today he saw Mummy. Vanraj asks did you meet her? Toshu says he would rather not meet her or see her face. He says he has left the entirety of his old relations in India. Vanraj inquires as to for what reason did you call me? That’s what toshu tells in the event that Mummy calls you, don’t let him know that I am here. He closes the call. Vanraj flies off the handle.

Vikram jokes and asks Anupama for what reason she is lost since yesterday. Anupama says yesterday she saw her child and terrific little girl, however he didn’t converse with her and left and she is attempting to let herself know that he was not her child. Vikram says on the off chance that he was your child, would have conversed with you. Anupama says no and tells that she can’t avoid her children. She says she had broken her relations with everybody and had secured herself in the house, and afterward came here, however miss her children seriously. She is going to black out, Vikram gives her water and requests that she handle her feelings as Yashpal will come here at whenever and he won’t figure out his feelings. He says Shruti and AK are coming for breakfast and requests that she do cooking while at the same time moving, and can amaze AK with your food. Anupama gestures her head.

Baa comes to Vanraj and carries something to eat. Vanraj expresses gratitude toward her. Baa tells that it is evening now, you didn’t go to office, didn’t play with Ansh or have food. Vanraj says my one child is dead and one more child is grabbed by life. Baa inquires as to whether relations are like children. Vanraj says Toshu has changed. Baa says in the event that we run from the relations, life will make us face similar relations. She says Toshu himself will bring Anupama to his back home, the day isn’t far.

Anupama does cooking while at the same time moving. Shruti inquires as to whether she is fine. Aadhya thinks my fit of anxiety show need to finished, else they would have called the specialist. She figures how to prevent them from going to the café. Shruti says we will meet Joshi ben. Anuj thinks he needs to meet the cook, I really want to realize who is she?

Vanraj says Baa’s call isn’t associating. Pakhi says Baa and Sarla aunt are saving the slow down for sankranti. Vanraj inquires as to for what reason didn’t you go? Pakhi says she lacks opportunity and willpower. He says you have sit around to apply nail clean. He calls Baa. Baa tells that she has recently gone out. All at once she yells. Vanraj runs out of the house. Pakhi and Dimpy additionally emerge. They see Baa sitting out and about and a person is lying oblivious. Baa says a chain snatcher was grabbing her chain, when this person saved her. They consider Tapish to be the harmed fellow. The neighbor says he blacked out as the bicycle go from over his feet. Vikram lets Anupama know that she has enriched the table so well that different tables will get desirous. AK, Shruti and Aadhya are strolling towards the eatery, when they see fire in the contrary café. Aadhya says this is perilous, come from here. Anupama and Vikram emerge from their eatery. KD says the fire was not major. Shruti inquires as to whether we will return, and says fate don’t believe that AK should meet Joshi ben. Aadhya says come quick and make Anuj sit. She sits in the vehicle alleviated. Anupama and Vikram return to the table and find it is screwed up. He says your hardwork is demolished once more. Anuj figures he was unable to meet her today, yet will meet very soon.

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