Anupama 13th January 2024 Written Episode 1165

Anupama 13th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 13th January 2024 begins Vikram comes to Anupama and asks what was the deal? Anupama says the amount we run, however miss darlings and the eyes gets heartbroken. She says everybody will be fine and blissful consistently. Ishani tells Dimpy that Ansh is playing cricket with young men and asks who will play with me. Dimpy says I will play with you and lets Ishani know that this is Ansh and the other doll is you. Ishani says doll’s hair is long. Baa comes and gives them prasad. All of a sudden Pakhi comes there with her companions and tells that her companions came, and says their flight were halted at Ahmedabad for few hours, so I remembered to bring them home for at some point. She present Baa. Baa welcomes them. Pakhi requests that Dimpy bring espresso. Dimpy brings water. Pakhi requests that Ishani welcome them, yet she doesn’t tune in. Dimpy requests that she welcome them and she welcomes them. She asks what do you get a kick out of the chance to have in breakfast? Pakhi expresses sandwiches alongside theplas. The person inquires as to whether she didn’t remarry, as bahu don’t remain in sasural after spouse’s demise. Baa tells that their bahu didn’t remarry and they see her as beti. The young lady says they are causing her to take care of house keeper’s responsibilities. Pakhi says my Dad is taking care of her and her child since 5 years, so it’s anything but something major in the event that she accomplishes some family work. She says betis work in the house. The young lady says you don’t accomplish the work. Pakhi says however I’m extremely occupied. She reprimands Dimpy for not bringing natural treats. Dimpy says I will bring now. Vanraj comes there and says Dimpy will stay put.

Anupama tells Vikram that Shruti ji is bringing AK ji here for supper, and says she is figuring what to make for him, as he met with a mishap as of late. She says she is remembering to make ghee tadka palak paneer. He says in the event that you excuse, additionally they will like it.

Aadhya figures how to stop pops and comes to him and requests that he assist her with the school undertaking, and says in the event that I don’t submit tomorrow then my imprints will be cut. She says she really wants 3-4 hours for the undertaking. Shruti says we had arranged supper in Indian eatery. Aadhya requests that she go tomorrow and help her with the undertaking. Anuj requests that she take her companion’s assistance and goes with Shruti. He remembers to figure out who is Joshi ben. Aadhya is stunned and remembers to stop him at any rate.

Anupama makes the food and serves it in the plate with great show. Vikram says AK will be amazed today. Vanraj requests that Pakhi apologize to Dimpy. Dimpy says its alright. Vanraj says she needs to saying ‘sorry’ Pakhi says you are humiliating me? Vanraj says when you can humiliate Dimpy why mightn’t you at any point apologize to her. Pakhi lashes out and says sorry. Vanraj says I will arrange from outside. Pakhi says compelling reason need, and takes her companions from that point to bistro. Baa lets Vanraj know that he ought to have reprimanded her 5 years back. Vanraj figures Pakhi can’t take off from the house, however in the event that dimpy leaves, Ansh will likewise leaves. He receives a message about grins, and says it was Lady Anupama’s fantasy. He thinks I arrived at the sky starting from the earliest stage Anupama tumbled down from sky to ground. He says she is in America, yet gourmet expert and says she was restricted to kitchen and even today she is there, and says chimta, belan and masalas are your character and sneers.

Anupama purchases the blossoms and says it is so exorbitant. The dance group sees her and requests that she show them some dance steps. Anupama moves and sees a young lady moving. She goes to her and inquires as to whether she like Dance. The young lady says OK and says she knows Hindi. Anupama asks her name. She says holy messenger. Anupama asks where could your folks be? Holy messenger races to her dad and he lifts her. Anupama grins and goes to go, when she sees his face and gets close to home seeing Toshu. She understands Heavenly messenger is her pari and calls Toshu. Toshu turns and takes a gander at her, and requests that the driver move. They leave. Anupama runs behind the vehicle, and gets injured. She thinks Toshu was in UK. She keeps hand on the plate and the plate tumbles down. Vikram says you had made this nourishment for AK, presently what you will serve? KD comes there and tells that AK is here. They see another person. Vikram says he isn’t AK. All of a sudden Shruti calls at the cafĂ© and requests that Anupama send them food at home, as Aadhya got alarm gone after. Anupama says alright and requests that she fare thee well. Shruti says we will come tomorrow most likely. Aadhya is faking to be dozing and thinks she needs to give him stress to stop him. Anuj figures he will meet Anupama and will find a few solutions from her.

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