Anupama 11th January 2024 Written Episode 1163

Anupama 11th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 11th January 2024 begins Anupama lets Shruti know that there is no misconception among you and AK because of Kanha ji’s gifts and asks her not to stress which isn’t there, and requests that she attempt and trust that there will be no getting between the two wrong. She asks her to simply attempt to trust that no misconception comes, and do her absolute best with and tells that everybody is in Kanha ji’s hands, and says we will not stress and will keep her our heart clean, and says in the event that something occurs, we will feel that we attempted completely. She requests that she drink tea and tells that she is a mother of four and three of her children pass this stage. She says mother will become a mother and says don’t be companion as they as of now have a lot of companions. Shruti says AK becomes severe dad, yet she doesn’t pay attention to him. Anupama gets some information about their concern which Aadhya is confronting. She says you need to dig the past to know the issue. Shruti says and it appears you need to fail to remember your past. They hold the hands and feel current. Vikram comes there and tells that they need to go to supermarket to get basic food item for a major request. Shruti requests that she go.

Baa comes to Pakhi and inquires as to whether she will drink cold espresso now. Pakhi says I’m believing on the off chance that pinnacle is made on this land, I need my own level. She says I’m exhausted of remaining in leased level and says I have the offer in this house legitimately, and says she will request that daddy give her a level so they can remain here. Baa says so you give your girl to us, and you personally go to have a great time, so you cause us to accomplish basically everything. She requests that she feel that this is her genealogical house and needs to partition the family. Pakhi contends with Baa. Dimpy yells Pakhi and asks her not to act up with Baa. Pakhi says even you can take a level and remain calmly. Dimpy says she would rather not live independently. Pakhi snickers and says let see who is talking? Dimpy says I have done many missteps, yet I have gained from it, yet you don’t understand your error. Baa and Dimpy goes. Pakhi says she will get her portion.

Anupama asks Vikram for what good reason did he take the taxi and says the supermarket isn’t just far. Vikram says manager is giving the cash for taxi and says here time is significant. He gets a call. Anupama watches through of the window. Anuj comes there on his bicycle and go to a bistro. He sees Anupama in the vehicle and runs behind the vehicle and gets hit by the vehicle. He says Anupama. Anupama says Anuj and requests that driver stop the vehicle. She gets down the vehicle and sees Anuj’s back. Individuals assemble there and take him from that point. Anupama petitions God about him. Vikram requests that Anupama come else we will get late.

Kavya inquires as to whether he is selling the house. He says he is redeveloping the house and they will get penthouse. Kavya says all that will change as it is an important choice. He says I need to persuade Babu ji. Kavya says she is looking through work. Vanraj inquires as to whether she is looking through work or have tracked down it. She says she got a proposal to prepare the models in style organization. Vanraj says you probably concurred. Kavya says actually no, not yet however remembering to acknowledge as pay is great and occupation is simple. Vanraj asks her to avoid the slip-up which she had done before else he won’t pardon her.

Aadhya and Shruti are perched on Anuj’s bed. Anuj wakes up and says Anupama. He gets up and attempts to go. Aadhya and Shruti attempt to stop him. Vikram asks Anupama what had befallen her, and says it appears mishap would have affected you. Shruti requests that Anuj sit and says she will bring medication for himself and goes. Aadhya figures Anupama can’t meet him.

Yashpal asks the gatekeeper how might anybody go very much like that. The watchman says there was some crisis. Anupama and Vikram arrive at the cafĂ©. Yashpal requests that Anupama make the extraordinary dish. Anupama gets cheerful. Shruti calls Anupama on the landline number and tells that she really wants her assistance, as AK met with a mishap. Anupama is stunned and inquires as to whether he is fine. Shruti says it was not major, however I’m stirring up till now. She says I needed to make something for AK, yet couldn’t make it for him. Anupama asks her not to think like this. She asks will I make it and expresses similarly as my work closes here, I will make food. Shruti says thanks to her and finishes the call. Anupama supposes assuming the mishap was of AK.

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