Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Episode 1162

Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 9th January 2024 begins Yashpal requests that his mom come. His Mom says she will come and requests that he stand by. Anupama guarantees Yashpal that she won’t do any mix-up and won’t allow him an opportunity to gripe. They leave. Vikram applauds and is blissful. Others representatives also are cheerful. Anupama returns his cash and telephone. Vikram says you have lost some connection then has acquired some as well. They leave. Anupama requests that herself truly do twofold hardwork and allow no opportunity to Sir to gripe.

Vanraj shows the handout of the pinnacle to Baa, and says his organization is making it, and tells that it will have play region for youngsters, cricket pitch and a different spot for the elderly individuals. He says there will be tight security, and says you both have buckled down, we didn’t have cash then, yet presently we can manage the cost of it. Baa will not take off from the house and shift there. He requests that she tune in, yet Baa declines.

Anupama gives water to Tulsi plant and says Vikram bhai have brought you, as he said. She lights the diya and appeals to God for everybody. She envisions Aadhya there and figures she will call and gets some information about her, however thinks against calling. She feels associated with her.

Aadhya apologizes to Anuj and Shruti about yesterday and says you individuals love and grasp me, however I just… Shruti says alright, I get it, in some cases we brain and heart don’t match up. Aadhya says you are a genuine rockstar. Anuj asks what had befallen her. Aadhya tells that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. She requests that Shruti avoid Joshi ben and says she gets terrible energies from her, and says don’t have any idea why she came from India. Anuj asks did I show you this and tells that even we came from India, and says might be she likewise came because of some powerlessness. Aadhya says that woman simply harms others and goes. She says joshi behen, avoid my Dad else it won’t be really great for you. Anuj gets stressed. Later Anupama inquires as to whether Shruti won’t come today. He says at times she comes and in some cases don’t. She approaches their landline and finishes the call seeing Yashpal.

Vanraj lets Baa know that he and his kids have spent their life as a youngster here. He says there is such countless issues in the house. He says even I get worn out, and has so many work to do. He says we can consume our excess time on earth here, yet what might be said about Ansh, how he will oversee and keep up with.

Shruti comes to the eatery. Anupama sees her focused on and says you can share. Shruti says Task is dropped and Aadhya is acting peculiarly. She says she was insubordinate and difficult three years back, then what to compel her comprehend. Anupama tells about the emotional episodes in the children during their young. Shruti says she got associated with her life partner, because of Aadhya, and tells that she feels that. Anupama says that you could isolate because of her. Shruti says she cherishes AK and can do anything for himself as well as his loved ones. She says on the off chance that I was unable to deal with then and cries. Anupama attempts to mollify her and gives her water. Vikram sees Anupama conversing with Shruti and occupies Yashpal. Shruti requests that she sit. Anupama says she can’t sit. Shruti tells that she is anxious about the possibility that that false impressions could occur among AK and her because of Aadhya. Anupama gives her tea and tells that individuals could cherish each other a great deal, however misconstruing comes in their souls and the connection breaks.

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