Anupama 11th December 2023 Written Episode 1133

Anupama 11th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama eleventh December 2023 episode begins with Titu let Anupama know that he and Dimpy are only old buddies and they misunderstand entirely not done anything.

Anupama remains with an agitated face, requesting that Titu return home securely after which Titu inquires as to whether she is OK, making Anupama profound.

She answers that an individual in some cases wishes to invest energy alone and she’s wishing something very similar while Titu asks what might befall Dimpy.

Guaranteeing Titu that she is with Dimpy constantly, Anupama says that she remained quiet since they were outside however nothing can get her far from meeting her own loved ones.

Titu leaves the occasion and gets mournful as he contemplates the steady allegation he and Dimpy need to confront together.

Beginning a live on his web-based entertainment, Titu tends to his supporters and asks them for what reason society generally focuses fingers at a young lady and kid being companions.

In the mean time, Anuj tracks down Anu alone in her room and inquires as to why she hasn’t rested, when Anu concedes bad behavior against both Anupama and her companion.

Anu informs Anuj regarding Anupama’s discussion with Devika, causing him to understand that Anupama probably arranged all that to commit Anu understand her error.

Anuj says that it is fine to commit errors yet they should reclaim for it by expressing sorry to the individual they have violated.

Anu says that she believes should work on something for Anupama and requests that Anuj help her in doing that to which Anuj concurs on the double.

Simultaneously, Vanraj gets back home with Dimpy and Pakhi while Leela asks him what the matter is and for what valid reason he out of nowhere ventured out from home with such a serious face.

Vanraj requests that everybody settle down and calls Hasmukh after which he sits on a seat and says that anything he will say could insult them.

He declares that no relative of the Shahs will contact Anupama for any matter or counsel.

Everybody is stunned to hear something like this while Vanraj says that Anupama has come to feel that the Shah family is her own and she have some control over things here as well.

Vanraj states plainly that Kavya, Dimpy, and Kinjal have been conditioned by Anupama for the sake of ladies’ strengthening to which Kavya and Dimpy article and say that Anupama is the main individual who remains close by when they need support.

Leela concurs with them yet says that they ought to let Anupama be and the two families ought to keep separation with which Vanraj concurs.

Vanraj requests that Kavya leave the house assuming she wishes to contact Anupama after which the conversation closes.

Anupama returns home and gets a charming sorry from Anu who educates a sonnet regarding how she was off-base and gives her a sorry card.

Applauding Anu, Anupama says that they won’t ever send her back to the ashram as she is the greatest gift from Ruler Krishna to them.

Anuj goes along with them and they partake in hot cocoa together while Kavya finds Hasmukh crying and expectations the circumstance to get better soon.

Anuj becomes acquainted with about Vanraj’s way of behaving toward Anupama and requests that Anupama enjoy some time off as Vanraj wishes to run the Shah house all alone.

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