Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Episode 1128

Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama sixth December 2023 episode begins with Leela lamenting what she is finding in her family as Kavya is likewise walking out on them after so long.

Harmukh and Dimpy attempt to comfort her, guaranteeing her that all that will be okay yet Leela says that nothing will be the equivalent in the future.

In the interim, Anupama comes to converse with Anu and asks her for what good reason she acted up with Riya when they used to be closest companions as she even used to sit with her at school.

Anu stays quiet for most of the time and afterward says that she doesn’t need Riya as her closest companion any longer as she pays attention to all that the instructor says.

She adds that the entire class will quit conversing with her on the off chance that she doesn’t abuse Riya when Anupama understands that Anu is going under peer tension.

Anupama says that Anu can converse with her about who are those individuals when Malti Devi comes there and censures Anupama for admonishing Anu.

Malti Devi says that they ought to believe Anu and her words which appear to be valid yet Anuj goes into the room simultaneously, saying that he heard their discussion.

Anuj asks Anu to respond to Anupama’s inquiries yet Anu expresses nothing after which Anupam prescribes that they ought to express sorry to Riya available for potential emergencies.

Anu won’t apologize, saying that she isn’t some unacceptable individual to act like that with Riya, leaving Anuj and Anupama stunned.

In any case, Anupama says that Anu needs to apologize for her error when Anu answers that Anupama generally admonishes her for any minor issue however she expresses nothing to Pakhi by any means.

Anu inquires as to whether she deals with her like that since she is taken on and she takes off, saying that nobody cherishes her.

Malti Devi attempts to blame Anupama for the fault yet Anuj expresses that there was a slip-up of everybody as they didn’t see what Anu was gaining from the web.

In the mean time, Vanraj gets back home with the uplifting news that he has a difficult task with which he can deal with his entire family when Kavya goes into the house with a hurt face.

Kavya compliments Vanraj on his work and reports that she won’t take off from the house and is sorting out for another stay area.

Anuj and Anupama appear to be stressed over Anu and her way of behaving while Malti Devi makes a move to maneuver Anu toward accepting that she is correct.

Malti Devi says that she is with Anu supporting her and that she shouldn’t express sorry to her companion for which Anupama is constraining her.

Around evening time, Anupama comes and spots Anu dozing when she remembers to converse with her the following day while Anu believes that Anupama didn’t come to converse with her as she isn’t Anupama’s natural kid.

The following day, Anu keeps on acting impolite and won’t eat anything by Anupama’s hands on the morning meal table.

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