Anupama 5th November 2023 Written Episode 1097

Anupama 5th November 2023 Written Updates

Anuj asks Leela not to return the bangles like that assuming that she thinks about them as her own family, making Leela delicate toward them.

Leela says that only one out of every odd rich man has a brilliant heart like Anuj which makes Anuj grin at Leela and he says that Anupama gets a decent compensation consistently to purchase things for herself.

Anupama makes Leela wear those bangles and asks her to never take them out causing Leela to feel cherished.

With the capability finishing, the Kapadias return to their home and everybody rests in the lounge when Anuj sees Anupama recoiling in a touch of torment without anyone else.

Anuj asks Anupama what is irritating her and gets stressed as he hears that Anupama has harmed her hand while lifting weighty things in the capability.

As Anuj kneads Anupama’s arm before everybody in the lounge room, Malti Devi enters and gets angry to see what is happening.

Malti Devi inquires as to whether she is indecent to make Anuj work each time with something connected with her or the Shah family.

Anupama gets insulted as she hears that she keeps Anuj like a slave and questions Malti Devi who she is to scrutinize the connection among her and Anuj.

Malti Devi requests that Anupama converse with her mother by marriage with deference yet Anuj requests that Malti Devi become his mom first to be regarded.

Anuj requests that Malti Devi escape the house on the double as he can’t endure anybody who disregards Anupama.

Be that as it may, the whole situation ends up being Malti Devi’s creative mind and she comes to the lounge room with tea and espresso for everybody.

Malti Devi remarks cheerfully on how Anupama is as yet committed to her ex parents in law which is exceptionally strange and everybody would imagine that Anupama is the Shah’s little girl in-regulation.

Anupama gazes at Malti Devi with dicey eyes as she hears such an explanation while Anuj praises Anupama for being the universally adored.

Hearing Anuj and Anupama discuss the advanced age home, Malti Devi begins to feel that Anupama is wanting to send her there while Anuj takes Ankush to check out at the designs for the arrangement.

In the mean time, Hasmukh sees Leela making ladoos for Dimpy and jokes that despite the fact that Leela is irate, she deals with Dimpy.

Leela says that she is as yet furious in regards to the appearance of Titu in their home and could do without Dimpy leaving the house by the same token.

Hasmukh lets Leela know that sometime, Dimple will meet another person in her life and continue on with another relationship which shocks Leela.

He adds that they need to think with time or probably they will be deserted by everybody toward the end.

Somewhere else, Anupama hears Pakhi and Adhik quarreling over pregnancy and comes into their space to give Adhik a record.

Anupama attempts to reassure Pakhi however she asks Anupama not to give any talk and on second thought care for Dimpy as she needs the kid from her.

Pakhi says that Malti Devi comprehends her more than her mom which leaves Anupama stunned.

Then again, Malti devi plays with Anu and advises her to continuously rely upon her as she will make her family and family the most joyful.

Anupama, Anuj, and Ankush examine the diagrams of the advanced age home when Anupama begins contemplating Malti Devi’s remarks and spots Malti Devi gazing at her unusually while Anu embraces her.

The following day, Anupama comes to the kitchen to recognize Malti Devi cooking all that and values her endeavors.

Malti Devi says that she wants to move forward for her family when Anupama remarks that she knows about what is happening in her family well overall.

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