Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Episode 1126

Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 4th December 2023 episode begins with Ankush and Anuj examining official matters in the workplace when Ankush makes reference to that the responsibility at the US base camp has expanded a ton.

Ankush proposes they visit the US office once and meet the new staff to lay out a shared bond from their side what picks Anuj’s advantage.

With interest dominating, Ankush finds out if he wishes to return to the US in some cases, as he lived there for a really long time with his loved ones.

Anuj says that it is exceptionally odd that he would have rather not returned to India before he met Anupama and presently he doesn’t wish to leave as all that he cherishes is in India.

Ankush says that Anupama is Anuj’s four leaf clover to which Anuj concurs on the double and says that he simply needs to carry on with a calm existence with Anupama where they watch the dusk together and think back about their days of yore together.

Anupama enters the lodge which shocks Anuj a piece as she shouldn’t visit the workplace after which Ankush gives them security and passes on to accomplish other work.

As Ankush leaves the lodge, Anupama firmly embraces Anuj without expressing a word which leaves Anuj staggered and he asks what the matter is that is irritating her.

Anupama ponders Vanraj and Pakhi’s assertions from prior yet uncovers nothing to Anuj and on second thought says that she can embrace him whenever as she is his better half.

Anuj gives up hearing Anupama’s articulation and educates her concerning his and Ankush’s US conversation which leaves Anupama quiet while Anuj converses with somebody from the US office.

In the interim, Vanraj continues to bring natural products for Kavya however Kavya stops him and says that she needs some close to home consideration from him.

Kavya says that Vanraj doesn’t investigate her eyes when he converses with her while he has a lot of opportunity to deal with others.

Vanraj becomes genuine and says that Dimpy’s child has the blood of Shahs running in it while Kavya isn’t a similar after which he asks Kavya not to push the child at him.

Somewhere else, Pakhi gazes at her reports and envisions herself with her child which makes her very blissful.

As Anu passes by the hall, Pakhi calls her and gives the uplifting news to her after which she says that everybody will fail to remember her once Pakhi conceives an offspring.

Anu tells Pakhi not to make statements like that as Anupama and Anuj will always remember her which leaves Pakhi with a sharp state of mind.

Simultaneously, Anupama serves food to Anuj at the workplace and gets reclaimed as Anuj requests that she feed him with her own hands.

Anupama takes care of Anuj after which Anuj likewise takes care of Anupama and they get helped to remember when they wanted to open an eatery oversaw by housewives.

Afterward, Vanraj makes tea for everybody except doesn’t call Kavya which leaves her sitting in the corner and Vanraj sees Titu calling Dimpy on her telephone.

Kavya stands up and advises everybody that she wants to say something which leaves Vanraj gazing earnestly at her.

Anupama assists Romil with his pressing and wishes him good luck for his new school when his sweetheart comes to meet him and intrigues Anupama.

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