Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode 1154

Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 2nd January 2024 begins when Yashpal’s mom lets him know that the tea is amrit and says on the off chance that you sell this tea, individuals will remain in line outside. She says she came here so irately, and her temperament changed subsequent to drinking tea made by her. She says your name will be Annapurna and tells that she will call her Ann. Anupama gets moved by her words. Yashpal’s mom takes out some cash and requests that Anupama take it. Anupama declines. His mom requests that Anupama take it. Yashpal requests that his Bebe come, and says we are getting late. She says gives up. He requests that Anupama close the entryway appropriately from inside and clean the spot. Anupama thinks her ability is coming to her utilization, first dance and presently cooking and says might be this America will suit me. Later she says thanks to God for saving her from Yashpal’s displeasure, else she would be out and about or in prison. She then appeals to God for Toshu-Kinjal, and says they are in a similar nation, yet don’t realize they need to meet her or not. She then petitions God for Pakhi, and Choti. She says goodnight bappa and rests to rest. She gets blazes of Aadhya, and thinks what is my connection with her.

Ansh comes to Baa and asks where could Dadu be? Baa says he went to Jamnagar for marriage. Ansh inquires as to whether they didn’t call you. Baa says they called me, however I lack opportunity and willpower to go early and has significant work to do. Ansh prods her. Dimpy brings tea. Baa tells her that she is taking Ansh to Jamnagar. Dimpy says yet he needs to study and has schoolwork. Vanraj says his underlying foundations will be more grounded. Dimpy says yet. He says Ansh will go. Pakhi comes there with her little girl. Ansh takes her toy. Ishani begins crying. Pakhi says my little girl is crying child. Dimpy handles Ishani and asks her not to cry. Pakhi says history rehashes the same thing, even Mummy used to deal with Meenu along these lines. Vanraj inquires as to why you didn’t let me know that you are coming. Baa says you are not in unfamiliar. Pakhi says she is dealing with her internet based store. Dimpy inquires as to whether you had conversed with Adhik. Pakhi says he calls to converse with Ishani, yet I don’t allow him to talk. She says she would rather not see him after the separation. She says when I don’t meet my Mummy then who is Adhik? She requests that Dimpy make cold espresso for her, and bring to her room, and deal with Ishani. Dimpy takes Ishani and Ansh to take care of them laddoos. Baa asks Vanraj, assuming we will tell her that her mom went to America. Vanraj says why you are taking her name and says she has gone from our psyches, heart and all over the place, and inquires as to why you are taking her name.

Aadhya comes to Shruti’s room and inquires as to whether I can utilize your PC. Shruti says sure. Aadhya checks out at Anupama’s photograph in her PC. Shruti comes there and says she is Joshi ben, she works in Flavor and Chutney’s cafĂ©. She says she is an astonishing woman and has her own cooking channel, and says AK made nourishment for her, it is her recipe. Anuj hears her and says it appears you are her fan. Shruti says on the off chance that you meet her, even you will end up being her fan. Shruti requests that he see her photograph. Aadhya says no, I need to make my school project. Shruti and Anuj leave the room. Aadhya reviews the youth occurrence, and erases Anupama’s photographs from the PC.

Baa tells Pakhi that Dimpy is accomplishing family work and furthermore dealing with your girl, and inquires as to whether you can’t deal with your little girl. Pakhi says I’m working. Baa says even Dimpy has such a lot of work to do. Pakhi says house work isn’t work, this is work which I’m doing, because of which there is a ton of strain on the head. Kavya comes there and says goodness, as a matter of fact. She welcomes Baa. Baa gets some information about Mahi. Kavya says Mahi is fine, yet all the same exceptionally feeble. Pakhi says developing children are powerless. Kavya says I know the distinction. Pakhi values herself for dealing with business and her little girl, and says who keeps her youngster in lodging. Kavya says your business is in misfortune from day 1 and your dad is making up for that. She expresses out loud whatever Dimpy is doing, you can’t go even after 7 births, she has become second Anupama here. Baa says on the off chance that Vanraj hears, he will seethe out of resentment. Dimpy comes there and gets some information about Mahi. Kavya says she is better. Dimpy asks what you will drink or eat? Kavya says not presently. Dimpy requests that Pakhi take her espresso. Pakhi says I would rather not rest, I need dark espresso. Dimpy says sorry and goes. Kavya goes to spruce up. Pakhi says you were unable to deal with your bahus. Baa lets Pakhi know that she is inconvenience for her Dad.

Vikram lets Anupama know that this tea doesn’t require exposure. Anupama says I have kept it here, with the goal that it elevates Sir’s mind-set. Vikram says don’t trouble the tea. Anupama says supervisor’s homicide is great and gave me 1 dollar, as she enjoyed my tea. Vikram says Sir could have irate and jokes. He then, at that point, tells that somebody made himextremely upset and from that point forward he is having a messed up heart. Vikram expresses how to recuperate the messed up heart. Anupama says it torments a ton, and we don’t recollect how was our life previously. Shruti comes there and says Joshi ben. She inquires as to whether masalas are crushed at some point back. Anupama says OK. Shruti says her life partner preferred the tea much, and inquires as to whether she is Joshi ben and shows her channel. Shruti says I grasped seeing your arm band. She says she will request that Yashpal ji add Gujrati companion in the menu. Vikram says OK. Anupama gives her masala tea dust. Shruti says ofcourse I want. Anupama asks when you are wedding him. Shruti says very soon and says we are in live in and stays with her little girl. Shruti says morher is mother, bad, terrible, genuine or step mother. She appeals to God for their harmony and satisfaction. Shruti inquires as to whether you will end up being my companion and says we have some association, and we will catch this second. She takes selfie with her, and gets some information about her number. Anupama gives Vikram’s telephone number to her. Shruti gets Anuj’s call and says she will go now, however will make her meet her life partner soon.

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