Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Episode 1056

Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Episode 1056

Anupama 28th September 2023 Written Update

The present Anupama 28th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama searching for Anuj across the room and spotting him in their room with a serious face.

Anuj asks Anupama for what substantial explanation Malti Devi has come to their home again to which Anupama answers that everyone has the choice to visit Ruler Ganesh and get his blessings.

Anupama’s attestation makes Anuj tranquil as he can’t communicate anything to that anyway he reminds Anupama that he will send Malti Devi away after the puja is done.

After Anuj leaves, Anupama is apparently in conflict about the situation yet decides to consider it later.

Anuj and Anupama return to the receiving area and join everyone after which Dimple encourages everyone that she has a statement to make.

Leela asks Dimple not to enjoy the perspective of the festival yet rather Anupama stops Leela and demands that Dimple share all that she needs to tell everyone.

Dimple tells everyone that she is pregnant which gives a surge of joy among the family members after which they acclaim Samar and Dimple for being pregnant.

Anupama embraces Samar and Dimple and gives them her heartiest gifts after which every one of the family members face Expert Ganesha and offer thanks toward him for such unprecedented news.

How long will this bliss stay in the family?

Will Anupama let Anuj send away Malti Devi?

End of Anupama the current episode made update. To download Anupamaa Hindi Consecutive all episodes or watch the current full episode (28 September 2023) on the web, go to


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