Anupama 26th December 2023 Written Episode 1148

Anupama 26th December 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 26th December 2023 episode begins with a woman getting a charge out of Chole Bhature in the café and letting herself know that she is prepared to do an additional exercise for the wellbeing of food.

Vikram, the cook prepares another bhatura and requests that Anupama serve that to the woman as she is their ordinary client.

Anupama comes to the woman and serves the bhatura on her plate while the woman asks Anupama not to call her lady and on second thought, addresses her as Shruti.

Shruti feels cherished on hearing Anupama’s mindful words while Anupama requests that she eat the bhatura with chutney to get a superior taste.

Anupama concedes that she is another representative at that spot after Shruti asks her.

Shruti clicks an image of Anupama as she is a photographic artist and will in general snap pictures of things she cherishes.

Shruti gets hindered by a call as she is going to ask Anupama her name and gets participated in the discussion while Anupama withdraws from that table.

After the call closes, Shruti spots somebody outside the eatery and comes to him who ends up being, in all honesty, Anuj himself.

Anuj requests that Shruti quit provoking him about his being the masterpiece in the previous occasion yet Shruti says that Anuj worked effectively as a model.

Anupama watches Shruti conversing with some man outside the eatery yet can’t see the man’s face on account of individuals remaining before him.

Anuj requests that Shruti sit toward the front of the vehicle after which he likewise moves inside and drives away with Anupama remaining before the glass.

Shruti inquires as to whether he has anything to tell her to which Anuj says that he wishes that Aadhya utilizes web-based entertainment a piece less as it isn’t really great for her age.

Anuj says that virtual entertainment is valuable when utilized inside a breaking point to which Shruti concurs and she enlightens Anuj that she will converse with Aadhya.

Shruti says that she really wants to converse with Anuj about the marriage which makes Anuj anxious and Shruti says that she needs to know when he is prepared to wed her.

Anuj says that they are now drawn in to one another and Shruti even lives with them so there is no rush except for Shruti says that she needs to become Shruti Anuj Kapadia.

In the mean time, the day closes at the café with Anupama completing the cleaning of the kitchen when the proprietor checks how Anupama has taken care of her responsibilities.

The proprietor says that Anupama has made a pleasant showing after which he keeps Anupama as the janitor of the eatery.

Anupama inquires as to whether she can rest in the eatery to which he permits her to rest in the extra space which fulfills Anupama.

Vikram advises Anupama to eat the food that is extra after which Anupama serves herself on a plate and says thanks to God for showing her the worth of food and water.

Somewhere else, Shruti figures out that her pack has been traded with another person’s and it is Anupama’s bag which has come all things considered.

Anuj gets helped to remember Anupama on seeing the garments inside after which he asks Shruti not to see another person’s things while Anupama likewise figures out that it isn’t her sack.

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