Anupama 22nd January 2024 Written Episode 1174

Anupama 22nd January 2024 Written Updates

The present Anupama episode 22nd January 2024 begins Kinjal gives her telephone number to Anupama and requests that she call her. Anupama says I will call for Pari. Kinjal says be careful and embraces her. Anupama says Kinju child. Kinjal and Pari are going to leave, when Kinjal returns and embraces her once more. They say bye and leave. Anupama sits and cries. Apne toh Apne hote hai plays… … Yashdeep comes there and inquires as to whether they were her bahu and amazing little girl. Anupama says my little girl would rather not meet me, and tells that it appears she is bound to meet her child in portions, and tells that God had sympathy on her and send her bahu to her. Anuj thinks about Devika’s words. Shruti says so this is your timepass, taking a gander at Newyork sky… Anuj says why you are here? Shruti says in the event that all is great between us. Anuj says OK, and requests that she unwind. He says you would have asked me straightforwardly. Shruti says sorry. He inquires as to whether you might want to have espresso. Shruti says didn’t you notice espresso in my grasp. She asks what is annoying him.

He says he is simply stressed over Aadhya. Shruti says I’m not moronic to track down the distinction among agony and stress. He says he generally attempts to turn into her companion. Shruti says Guardians will be guardians, and says there should be numerous on the planet who will get to know her. Anuj inquires as to whether Joshi ben let you know this, and says you was showing me the pic that day. Shruti says why you are keen on Joshi ben out of nowhere. Anuj says no, and says his doings are such. Shruti says what is going on. She gives him espresso and is going to show him Joshi ben’s photograph when Anuj’s worker comes there and calls him. Anuj goes from that point. Shruti believes Anuj’s quiet could acquire the tempest her life.

Anupama comes to the café and sees Aadhya peeping inside. Aadhya is going to fall, when Anupama holds her. Aadhya lashes out and tells her that Pops and Shru are together since 4 years and will wed soon. She then inquires as to for what reason did you come here, leaving your children, while your cooking channel was functioning admirably. Anupama says predetermination brought her here and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why. She inquires as to why you are so annoyed with me. Aadhya goes stressed.

Dimpy serves food to everybody. Ansh advises Baa that Ishani needs to take affirmation in his school. Baa says it is great. Ansh says absolutely not a chance, he can’t bear her at home and school, she generally cry. Ishani says I won’t cry now. Ansh requests that she hush up. Mahi says Ishi is your sister, don’t converse with her like that. Ansh calls her Ishani’s manikin. Kavya reproves Ansh. Pakhi requests that she reprove Mahi all things being equal. Kavya says they are kids, they will battle and reunite. Dimpy reproves Ansh. Ansh says on the off chance that Ishani goes then I won’t go. Mahi says then Dad will send you to lodging then how you will respond. Pakhi requests that Ishani avoid Mahi and play with Ansh, as Mahi is no one to her. Mahi goes crying. Kavya asks Pakhi not to blend poison in the children’s heart. Vanraj gets out anything Pakhi said is correct.

Later Anupama appreciates tea savoring the café and takes a gander at individuals going. Unexpectedly the short out occurs. Anupama comes to the kitchen and checks when she feels the consuming smell. She thinks from where it is coming. KD comes there. Anupama asks KD, for what reason did she return? KD says I had failed to remember my pack, so that is the reason returned. She takes her sack and inquires as to whether all is great. Anupama says she is getting consuming smell. They really look at then kitchen. The light begins to gleam. The fire flash tumbles down on the floor on oil can and it bursts into flames in the café. Anupama attempts to light the fire utilizing water, yet no water comes in the tap. KD gets terrified. Anupama requests that she go out and take help. She requests that she call fire detachment and calls Yashdeep utilizing KD’s number. She requests that he arrive at quick, as the fire broke over here in the café. She says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the fire unit number. Yashdeep is stunned and says he is coming. Anuj gets anxious. Anupama sends KD out. DK runs out and requests that individuals call fire detachment.

Anuj gets anxious in his rest and stirs things up around town coincidentally. Shruti and Aadhya hear the sound and gets stressed. Anupama asks how will I respond? She finds the fire on the entryway moreover. Anuj says nothing can happen to Anu, call the specialist. Aadhya asks what has been going on with you? Anuj says I won’t allow anything to happen to you Anupama. Aadhya is stunned. Anuj is as yet dozing and says save Anupama… someone call the specialist. Shruti says she will call the specialist. She requests that Anuj awaken. Aadhya yells pops. Anupama blacks out and tumbles down. Anuj awakens stunned. Aadhya embraces him.

The fire detachment arrives at there and gets setting going the fire. Yashdeep comes there and looks for Anupama. He tracks down her oblivious on the floor. Anuj is stressed. Aadhya tells that it appears as though somebody’s awful reflection fell on us. Shruti says it is only a terrible bad dream and asks from where she has learnt things like this. Anuj requests that they proceed to rest, and expectations it was only a nighmare.

Beeji deals with oblivious Anupama, and lets Yashdeep know that he did a good job for bringing her here. She says she has found in the CCTV film, that she was attempting to save the stuff in the café, as opposed to saving herself. Yashdeep acclaims Anupama and trusts that she gets awareness in the first part of the day.

Shruti checks out at Joshi ben and her photograph. She thinks Anuj is acting unusually and never took Anupama’s name, and believes on the off chance that Anupama is back in his life.

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