Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Episode 1079

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Episode 1079

Anupama 20th October 2023 Written Update

The present Anupama 20th October 2023 episode begins with Adhik let Pakhi know that she ought to rest for quite a while as she has been crying a great deal.

Anuj advises Anupama that he will attempt to converse with the police about whatever other structures that could have any CCTV so they can get the whole film and demonstrate that Suresh was the person who prompted the battle.

Anupama understands that Suresh came to them fully intent on making Vanraj assault him so he can utilize the video against them.

Malti Devi lets herself know that she doesn’t believe Anuj should put his life in danger for the good of Samar and it is a direct result of Samar’s case, that Anuj and Anupama have become far off from one another.

Anupama turns off the television and says that she should rebuff the guilty party who killed Samar while Ankush remarks that they shouldn’t expect help when their own family has would not help them.

In the mean time, Dimple prepares to go to the dance classes yet gets come by Leela who requests that she go inside as it isn’t the perfect opportunity for her to venture out that way.

Dimple says that she can’t simply rest as the opposition is close and she needs to prepare the understudies so they can win the opposition and do right by Samar.

The adjoining women remark that they have never seen a widow moving after her better half died while Leela requests that they go to their homes and care for their own families.

Leela says that society will express numerous things about Dimple which is the reason she doesn’t believe she should go out however Dimple disagrees with Leela.

Anupama comes and requests that Leela permit Dimple to go to the classes as she can’t simply finish everything with in the home since her significant other is dead.

She adds that the principles have been made by the people simply have to take cues from their own to live openly and appreciate life anyway they need it.

Dimple grins at Anupama while Leela says that she has seen individuals and society and how judgemental they are toward a widow and her activities.

Anupama says that Dimple will live while doing cosmetics, wearing dresses, and getting a charge out of things which makes Leela say that Anupama has Dimple’s liability from this point forward.

After Dimple leaves, Anupama comes inside to converse with Vanraj while the others choose to move away so they can speak without aggravation.

Anupama says that they can’t get frail as the need might arise to battle and Vanraj is the main individual who can demonstrate that what Suresh is attempting to say is gibberish.

Discussing how Samar cherished him, Anupama requests that Vanraj say his number one discourse after which Vanraj stands up and remarks “Vanraj is back” with mentality.

Somewhere else, Malti Devi requests Adhik for the record from continuous ventures however he says it is secret after which Malti Devi remarks that she would converse with Anuj straightforwardly.

Barkha says that Malti Devi has come to assume control over the business to which Adhik concurs and says that Malti Devi is exploiting what is happening to make her spot in the house.

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