Anupama 17th November 2023 Written Episode 1109

Anupama 17th November 2023 Written Updates

The present Anupama 17th November 2023 episode begins with Leela getting stunned at seeing Dimpy stand with Titu before the dance institute as she was passing by there.

Everybody blasts expands and praises Romil driving him to discover that Ankush is sending him to learn at Boston College, making him very blissful.

Romil embraces Ankush while saying thanks to him after which he recognizes that Ankush was a decent dad and an incredible sibling without a doubt.

Ankush feels light in his heart on hearing Romil after which he says that he will miss individuals of this family despite the fact that he could have done without remaining here from the get go.

In the mean time, Leela brings Dimpy home and asks her for what reason she is strolling so near Titu, leaving Dimpy stunned.

Nonetheless, Dimpy answers that she was simply making him fix the handle of the entryway as she can’t manage the cost of cash for that.

Leela keeps on expressing revolting things about Dimple’s personality and that she has proactively found another man despite the fact that it has quite recently been two months since Samar’s passing.

Dimpy gets sorrowful and races to Anupama as she and Anuj come there.

Anupama stands firm for Dimple and lets Leela know that she is thinking incorrectly.

Dimpy blows her top and says that she will take off from the house perpetually assuming that Leela keeps on charging her like that as she would rather not stay with her.

Leela requests that Dimple leave in the wake of giving her the child which rankles Dimpy considerably more and she says that everybody is all in all correct to let Leela as she has the right to remain be.

She considers what might occur assuming Dimpy chooses to get with one more man to which Anupama answers that it is Dimple’s decision

Leela gets hyper and blacks out of nowhere after which the specialist comes and lets everybody know that Leela can be owned up to the clinic because of her minister in pulse.

Hasmukh begins crying and says that he can’t reside alone without Leela as just he and Kavya would be gone out and assuming that anything happens to Leela, he couldn’t try to envision this.

Kavya brings Hasmukh into his space to make him rest a piece while others look stressed over the circumstance with Dimpy suffocating in responsibility as she never wished something to happen to Leela.

Anuj leaves after a piece as he has some work and vows to come later while Anupama stays at the Shah house.

Kinjal gets genuinely impacted by Leela’s condition and keeps Pari close to her after which she says that they shouldn’t go to UK any longer.

Toshu says that they can’t adjust their perspective while Dimpy requests that they stay as Leela loves them a great deal.

Somewhere else, Barkha whines to Ankush about Boston’s college being pricey and reminds Ankush that Romil isn’t their child.

Anupama requests that they quit battling and says that anybody is permitted and allowed to leave as they wish.

Giving everybody tea or espresso, Anupama gets stressed and nearly blacks out around evening time when Anuj comes and holds her.

Anuj guarantees Anupama that he is with her at each step which gives Anupama inspiration.

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