Anupama 16th September 2023 Written Episode 1044 Update


The present Anupama 16th September 2023 episode begins with Anuj reclaimed as Malti Devi refers to him as “child” in a delicate way.

Anupama and Anuj bring Malti Devi home

Anuj gazes at Malti Devi with a confounded face and requests that she plunk down so she doesn’t get injured this time.

Eliminating the item from the floor, Anuj stands clumsily alongside Malti Devi when Anupama comes in and inquires as to whether anything is the matter.

Anupama requests that Malti Devi prepare to come to her own home which irritates Anuj a piece yet he chooses to stay quiet for the interim.

In the interim, Ankush spots Barkha gazing at him and inquires as to whether she needs to let him know something after which Barkha insults him about Romil’s deeds.

Ankush says that he concedes that Romil has done an off-base thing yet additionally blames Barkha for supporting Adhik in every single error of his.

Barkha says that Adhik won’t rehash such missteps any longer to which Ankush answers that Romil is likewise full grown enough to not commit a similar error once more.

Shahs disagree with Pakhi’s choice

Simultaneously, Leela goes to the divine beings and expresses gratitude toward them for bringing back Pakhi when Kinjal and Dimple both say that they did mannat for Pakhi to return.

Dimple says that she can be terrible on occasion however she is a lady and can’t see anything happening amiss with another lady.

Toshu inquires as to why Pakhi needs to become perfect by excusing both Adhik and Romil and says that both of them ought to be in prison in the present.

Kinjal expresses that now and again individuals need to trust others and excuse them as all people commit errors yet love and responsibility assist them with developing into better individuals.

Toshu contends that Pakhi took some unacceptable choice to which Kinjal advises him that he has committed many slip-ups himself however Kinjal has still allowed him a subsequent opportunity.

Vanraj says that he disagrees with Pakhi’s choice while Hasmukh gets some information about the matter as all is well at this point.

Leela reminds Hasmukh that Malti Devi has returned and she questions that Malti Devi is faking her state of mind to get back at Anuj and Anupama.

Pakhi requests that Romil come to a film
Somewhere else, Adhik sits with Pakhi and Barkha says that they ought to go out on the town some place which makes them invigorated.

Adhik discusses going on a film date while Pakhi requests that Barkha and Ankush go along with them too when Romil passes by there.

Pakhi inquires as to whether he needs to accompany them to which Romil answers that he has tasks to finish however Pakhi lets him know that she will help him in finishing everything.

After Romil leaves, Barkha and Adhik caution Pakhi to be cautious around Romil as he can accomplish something once more however Pakhi says that Romil is simply juvenile yet a decent individual.

In the mean time, Kavya gives tea to Vanraj and lets him know that she knows how it feels to procure love and family as she is experiencing the same thing yet Vanraj needs to accept that she adores him.

Malti Devi calls Anuj her child before the family

ater, Anupama asks Anuj for what valid reason he is abruptly opposing the choice to keep Malti Devi with them as he was fine before to which Anuj says that he chose not to discuss it then.

Anuj lets Anupama know that he feels awkward at whatever point Malti Devi is around him when Pakhi and Adhik come there and let them know that they are arranging Anuj’s late birthday celebration.

In the wake of mentioning a little, Anuj consents to praise his birthday when they hear a crashing commotion of glass breaking and come outside to the front room.

Malti Devi stands shuddering saying it isn’t her shortcoming while a glass object lies broke on the floor.

Anupama says it is fine that the glass broke and Malti Devi doesn’t have to stress over it yet Malti Devi runs over the glass shreds and embraces Anuj.

Malti Devi requests that Anuj bring his mom back home which shocks everybody while Anuj gets anxious for reasons unknown.

After Anupama some way or another isolates Malti Devi telling her that the house has a place with Anuj, Anuj returns to his room with Anupama following him.

Anupama asks Anuj not to mind Malti Devi’s words to which Anuj says that he realizes what is happening yet despises it that Malti Devi is calling him her child.

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