Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Episode 1072

Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Episode 1072

Anupama 13th October 2023 Written Episode

The present Anupama13th October 2023 episode begins with Vanraj telling Suresh such Samar’s reality isn’t modest to the point that he can get it for certain bits of plastic.

Vanraj and Anupama stand straight and Anupama says that she needs to see Sonu getting rebuffed for his violations after which she will consider this task finished.

Suresh says that working class individuals like them will generally get sold for a cash to which Anupama provokes Suresh to get that going as the two of them are available there as it were.

Suresh corn meal his teeth out of frustration and lets Anupama and Vanraj know that their one child is now dead which is the reason they won’t maintain that their family should be at serious risk.

Hasmukh says that the family will continuously be Vanraj and Anupama’s solidarity rather than their shortcoming after which every one of the Shahs come and stand behind Anupama and Vanraj.

Suresh says that he had come to persuade them pleasantly yet he needs to take one more method for satisfying his interest.

Vanraj draws nearer to Suresh and lets him know that they don’t whip their visitors or, in all likelihood he can not remain in spite of having two protectors safeguarding him.

Suresh, Sonu, and their men return to their vehicle and drive away from the neighborhood with the Shah family remaining at their entryway.

Afterward, Pakhi is sitting in the Kapadia manor when a package comes for herself and she gets profound seeing a photograph of her, Samar, and Toshu together outlined with adoration.

Pakhi begins crying and tells Adhik and Romil that Samar probably chose to give the image to approach it as she communicated her desire to do it without realizing that it would be their last picture together.

Romil embraces Pakhi and tells her that despite the fact that he can’t supplant Samar in her life, he will attempt to turn into a her blissful and grinning. sibling.

Adhik puts a kiss on Pakhi’s temple and requests that she rest a piece when Anuj comes and says that the guilty party will most likely get rebuffed.

Pakhi doesn’t take a gander at Anuj and says that she would rather not converse with him as he is the explanation Samar lost his life which shocks everybody.

After Pakhi leaves, Adhik apologizes to Anuj yet Anuj says that he is at fault for this going on.

The police examiner illuminates Vanraj and Anupama about their examination and says that they couldn’t track down any CCTV film or get the weapon from which the projectile was discharged which is the reason they needed to let Sonu go.

Vanraj discusses their observer explanations yet the reviewer says that they can’t simply charge in view of proclamations and need something more concrete than that.

Vanraj thanks the reviewer for giving his all and recognizes his endeavors after which the assessor guarantees Vanraj and Anupama that they will attempt to put forth a valiant effort.

In the mean time, Kavya gets dubious of seeing the auto driver drive so impulsively and attempts to call Anupama or Vanraj yet nobody gets the calls.

Kavya requests that the driver delayed down apprehensively after which the driver says that Kavya ought to advise her better half to reclaim Sonu’s case.

Kavya gets tossed out of the auto and starts shouting in torment while holding her stomach as she lies in no place.

Somewhere else, Anupama returns and Anuj gets some information about how everybody is doing to which she answers with a gesture.

Anuj discusses the legitimate battle against Sonu and his dad yet Anupama says that it is a mother’s battle now and she will get the equity for Samar.

Anupama cries while gazing at Samar’s image while Anuj brings nourishment for herself and stands apprehensively at the entryway.


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