Anupama 10th October 2023 Written Episode 1069

Anupama 10th October 2023 Written Episode 1070

Anupama 10th October 2023 Written Update

The present Anupama10th October 2023 episode begins with Anupama controlling her tears in the wake of spotting Dimple lying on the bed with Samar’s garments.

Anupama comes to Dimple and requests that she eat something as her child should be shouting in hunger inside her belly yet Dimple remains still without giving any reaction.

As Anupama attempts to get Dimple up from the bed, she moves up yet leaves without giving a solitary look to the food, making Anupama profound.

Anupama gazes at Samar’s garments and lets him know that she will satisfy her commitment of caring for Dimple and their child instead of him so he doesn’t have to stress.

In the interim, Vanraj sits alone and lets himself know that despite the fact that Hasmukh and Leela are attempting to rouse others to keep up with their lives, they are likewise parted from within.

Kavya spots Vanraj deploring himself and comes to sit close by while he expresses that there are numerous things that stayed unexpressed among him and Samar for their entire lives.

Vanraj says that it is undeniably challenging for fathers and children to open up to one another and share their fair sentiments without the male self image in the middle between.

Making sense of how their whole life he has never commended Samar so that his beneficial things or communicated his satisfaction might be able to see Samar doing great in his vocation and life, Vanraj says that he laments all his activities.

Kavya lets Vanraj know that she is there with him at each step of this present circumstance and she has gained something from the self improvement classes that she had taken before.

Vanraj gets befuddled as Kavya requests that he say all that he has in his heart and couldn’t pass it on to Samar before.

Kavya returns while wearing Samar’s face over hers after which Vanraj holds Kavya’s hands and says that Samar was the best child of him which he didn’t recognize prior.

Vanraj says that he had been glad for Samar for building his own profession in what he loves and that he has never caused any dishonorable circumstance where his family needed to bring down their heads as a result of him.

Kavya embraces Vanraj as he separates in tears and says that it is okay to cry and a preferred give up containing the feelings inside him.

In the interim, Anuj sends messages to Anupama yet she doesn’t answer to them which makes him upset when Ankush comes to him and sits close by.

Ankush lets Anuj know that he shouldn’t fault himself for whatever occurred as he didn’t kill Samar in any capacity however Anuj says that he is dependable some place for what occurred.

Anuj says that he ought to have controlled himself and it is his problem for taking them to that club however Ankush tells Anuj that Vanraj is visually impaired in his sadness for Samar and will see eventually.

Barkha advises Anuj to give Anupama a chance to quiet herself as she has lost her Samar perpetually however Anuj says that he fears being detested by Anupama which he can’t bear.

Anu comes and assists Anuj with seeing Samar as a star after which Anuj cries seeing a brilliant single star overhead.

Days pass with things happening similarly and Anupama attempting to deal with her wrecked self alongside others in the Shah family.

Anuj ultimately comes to see Anupama from outside the Shah house however Anupama doesn’t address him once.

While cooking kheer, Anupama recollects her and Samar’s last discussion after which she spots Anuj remaining outside with tears in his eyes.

Anuj pivots to leave as Anupama leaves without recognizing his presence there as she is as yet not prepared to confront Anuj.

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